Monday, April 27, 2009

For the moment...

Bella has a new aversion to yellow. First, because she swore that it makes her need to pee when she even looks at yellow. Now she just insists that she wear no yellow. And no coloring with yellow. Yes, her suns are now orange.

We just roll with it.

Bella also has a new dislike for school. THIS one is getting old fast. Every day is a school day check.
"Momma? Am I going to school today? No? Am I going to school the day after this day? Yes? *whining begins on cue* But I don't wanna go to schoooooooool!"

Whip. me.

Ava is learning to be more social. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Usually when anyone says hello to her, she turns her whole body away and buries her face into me (because she is permanently attached to me, you know). It is almost embarrassing. She comes across as a little brat, I'm afraid.
She's bashful and I know what it is like to be misunderstood because of it.

The thing about Ava is that you are either in or you are out. She's her own reality show. There's no middle ground and no immunity unless you are on her Love List. And the list is really short. But recently she's added a few people. Thankfully, one of those people include her uncle, my brother.

Now we hear about Uncle C constantly. He's been added to her "I love..." list. Every day we go through her list of loves. His name comes with an asterisk. "Unca Clayton is a seely guy, Momma!" Followed by a giggle.

Sweet baby girl.

My girls are getting too big, too fast. We were all snoozing in the big bed in the wee hours of the morning and I could feel eyes staring at me. Usually it is Mia, the rubenesque cat, but this time it was Hubby. He said later that it sort of surprised him and made him a little sad to see how long and lean his babies have become. Even Ava's Buddha belly is disappearing. Bella has no more baby fat. She has very long legs and her daddy's nose. Ava looks like her mother. So all that makes Hubby okay with his baby girls growing.

Life is hectic and stressful so we crave all our moments of togetherness. Just being in the same room makes us all happy and content. I hope it is always that way.