Monday, February 20, 2006

Got milk...somewhere else?

I'm a huge proponent of breastfeeding and the rights women have to nurse wherever, whenever necessary.

Note that I said "necessary."

Bella's gym class is 45 minutes. The children in her class range from ages 18 months to 2 1/2 years. At this stage in their life, a child does not need to be demand fed, correct? We have, at this point, taught them that no drinks are allowed in class but they are more than welcome to a snack before or after class.

So when 22 month old Emma drops the purple ball she'd been bouncing off the shy girl's bum and runs to her mom on the edge of the mat screeching "boobie! boobie!", you'd think the mom would quietly take her obviously breastfed child over to the side and explain now isn't the time. Or at least take her to the little office and feed her there.

Did that happen?


Instead, the mother very loudly fake whines "Emma! Right here? In CLASS?" and before the word "class" escapes her mouth, her shirt is up, child attached. Then the big to-do about her child biting her and hurting mommy. Then her FRIEND who was visiting for the one freebie class decides to nurse her child too.


Neither woman could wait to nurse their child? The children couldn't just be distracted with some other activity? Ooooooh, I was irritated. Those two mothers are what make so many uncomfortable with public breastfeeding.

In my fragile state, I'm not sure I can keep quiet next time...

Monday, February 13, 2006

How did this happen???

The chaos is about to get even more so.

I'd been feeling bad for a couple of weeks but Isabella was sick too so I just figured I was getting what she had. Then, because I'm a little slow, it dawned on me that I had nausea and headaches.

What do I do?

I wait until my husband leaves for a 7-day trip and go take a pregnancy test. So when the test comes back with one dark line and the faintest of faint second lines, I freak out. I call my husband, I call my sister. My husband had just stepped off the plane in Orlando. Walking with his boss to get his luggage. Think he was subtle in his reaction? They were the first two people to know.

I try desparately to call Amanda but she's got, like, a life or something. I call her house and when Daniel answers, I'm sure he was disturbed by my blabbering and I hope Amanda has been able to explain away the crazies.

I go get another test because that's exactly what you're supposed to do in this type of situation. Ignore your inner-voice that says "Um, hellooooooooo, two lines!" and pay $20 for the test that spells it out for you. In less than a minute, the little digital stick said in plain English "pregnant, you moron". Okay, the moron part was just implied.

I begin freaking again. For four days! Granted, this all might have been a little easier had I waited to take the test when my sweet husband was by my side, but I guess I honestly didn't think it had happened. It wasn't in our plans! We have to have the estate sale, sell our house, buy a new one and start baby #2 plans in '07.

Once again, God has proven He's not only in control, but He's got a sense of humor about it.

I go to my OB on the 28th just to confirm what I already know. At least seeing the sonogram of my little baby tadpole will make it all that much more real and I can prepare for a life with a toddler and a newborn. *faint*

Friday, February 03, 2006

Tough Love

This is Bella reaching for a hug from her cousin, Channing.
Note that Channing is wearing an arm cast.

This is what happened.
Think it is a good thing the sleepover got cancelled?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paging The Witch Doctor

I think Bella's new dentist is a witch. That is the only way I can explain why yesterday's visit went so smoothly and with nary a tear.

Another reason I think he's a witch is because her appt was originally with a completely different dentist at another office. When we showed up at the office, it was vacant! So a very helpful janitor (?) went next door to an older children's pediatric dental office and they called the Witch Doctor to squeeze us in.

Isabella always gets weirded out at doctor offices, no matter who's doctor. We walked in to this office and she immediately went to play in their toy corner. The office was painted in an adorable Dr. Seuss theme, bright and cheerful. They called us back to the exam room, inticing Bella with her own little toothbrush and a rubber duckie.

When Dr. Witch came in, he smiled, talked about his own family and Bella went to him with arms outstretched! MY CHILD did this! She who buries her head deep into my shoulder when anyone new even glances her way.

During the examination, Bella never shed a tear and barely squirmed. After the examination, she went off to play with the nurses while the doctor and I talked. She even wandered from exam room to exam room saying hello to the other children. When I went to pay the bill and came back, she not only never noticed I was gone, she was busy lounging in a tiny plastic chair, chatting with the nurses, chewing on her new toothbrush.

Wonder if Dr. Witch would mind if I dropped off Bella at his office so I could run some errands...