Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paging The Witch Doctor

I think Bella's new dentist is a witch. That is the only way I can explain why yesterday's visit went so smoothly and with nary a tear.

Another reason I think he's a witch is because her appt was originally with a completely different dentist at another office. When we showed up at the office, it was vacant! So a very helpful janitor (?) went next door to an older children's pediatric dental office and they called the Witch Doctor to squeeze us in.

Isabella always gets weirded out at doctor offices, no matter who's doctor. We walked in to this office and she immediately went to play in their toy corner. The office was painted in an adorable Dr. Seuss theme, bright and cheerful. They called us back to the exam room, inticing Bella with her own little toothbrush and a rubber duckie.

When Dr. Witch came in, he smiled, talked about his own family and Bella went to him with arms outstretched! MY CHILD did this! She who buries her head deep into my shoulder when anyone new even glances her way.

During the examination, Bella never shed a tear and barely squirmed. After the examination, she went off to play with the nurses while the doctor and I talked. She even wandered from exam room to exam room saying hello to the other children. When I went to pay the bill and came back, she not only never noticed I was gone, she was busy lounging in a tiny plastic chair, chatting with the nurses, chewing on her new toothbrush.

Wonder if Dr. Witch would mind if I dropped off Bella at his office so I could run some errands...

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Amanda Sue said...

maybe they will consider doing some daycare on the side. bella could work off her tab by greeting other patients and assisting the nurses.

it is definitely worth asking about. they can only say "no."

oh - and then note it in bella's chart that her mother is strange.