Friday, September 29, 2006

Things I've Learned This Pregnancy

Well, people...Monday is the big day. That is, if little one doesn't decide to put a rush on her entrance into the world, but so far it appears she is lazy and wants the doc to evict her from my premises. We go in at 9am for pre-op and then the surgery is scheduled at noon. I could not be more ready! Three weeks ago, I was freaking out, now I just want her out!

This has been a very interesting pregnancy and it is true that every pregnancy is different. I've learned a few things this year (yep, because I've been pregnant since day ONE of this year!) and I'd like to share. If you are a man, be wary...

1) With a first pregnancy, your body tries to hold it all together like a pretty, tightly wrapped package. With a second pregnancy, your body no longer gives a crap and everything just goes where it wants. I did not know that a fetus could kick you nearly all the way around to your back.

2) A head in the pelvic area is FAR different than a tiny butt. Bella was breech, this baby is very obvious to me...NOT.

3) A first pregnancy brings great excitement and interest to others as well as concern for your well-being. A second does not. It is old hat to you now, right? Pshaw. Why should anyone be concerned that you are chasing a toddler while bulging with baby and your feet look like tree trunks?

4) With a second pregnancy, you have far less patience. Maybe because I'm already a mama bear, but I've snapped a few heads off this time around whereas I was a peach when pregnant with Isabella. NO, do not put both your hands on my belly and ask if "it" is moving, you nosey stinky waitress.

5) After nursing for 19 1/2 months and preparing to ride that rollercoaster again, it is noticeable how very National Geographic those poor abused milkers are. Thank goodness for Miracle Bras cuz it'll be a miracle how these will survive another year.

So what are the similarities to a first pregnancy?


My family and I are very excited to meet this brand new little being. What will she look like? Isabella is such an incredible mix of my husband and I, we can't even begin to picture this baby's face. How big or little will she be? Bella was sooooo tiny at 5lbs, 6oz when she left the hospital. Is she going to be completely different than her big sister or similar in personality? Is she going to be timid or even more strong-willed and lively than her big sis? (if so, UH OH)

We are blessed beyond comparison and though Monday will be scary with surgery and delivery, recovery will be longer and probably harder, the reward is another perfect little creation of love. Seeing my husband's traits in my children, whether in looks or personality, makes my heart soar with great joy and love for him all over again.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One Track

"Who hugt me?"

"Gavyn, honey"

"Why he hugt me?"

"Because you were crying and he wanted to help you feel better"

"S'not vewy nice"

"Sweetie, he was being nice but if you don't want him to hug you, just tell him not to, okay?"


(a few minutes pass)



"Who hugt me?"

*sigh* This conversation has been going on for DAYS.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Things I Don't Understand

There are a few things going on in the world that I just don't get.

1) WHY are people lopping off the tails of stingrays simply because Steve Irwin (aka Crocodile Hunter) was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got stabbed by one in the heart? Wasn't the stingray's fault and he was bound to be taken out by something in nature one day.

2) WHY do people put stork signs announcing all the details of their newborn child in their front yards? A friend of mine owns a stork sign business and asked me when Isabella was born if I wanted a sign in my yard. Sweet offer, but no thank you. And with the latest news story involving the kidnapping of a 10-day old and the slashing of her mother's throat, even more of a NO THANK YOU!

3) WHY are the Islamic people resorting to violence in protest to the Pope's historical quote? Is it truly necessary to burn Christian churches, torch a Pope look-alike and burn pics of Christ on national television? Is that not a type of terrorism? What if people were in those churches and someone died?

Today's News:

CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida in Iraq warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that its war against Christianity and the West will go on until Islam takes over the world, and Iran’s supreme leader called for more protests over the pontiff’s remarks on Islam.

Is there not a better way to protest and make your point that Mohammed was not "evil"?

4) WHY is Paris Hilton in the news? Ever? Does anyone really care about a rich socialite with nothing better to do than say "That's hot", get drunk and sleep with every man available (and not available)? For a poorer person, would'nt that just be a ho?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Great Debate

Nearing our October 2 due date, we've begun to panic. Not so much that we're having another baby (okay, maybe a little) but what if the sonogram was wrong?! What if SHE is a HE? I say that because in recent weeks, numerous people have told us that even with 3-4 sonograms, a sister/friend/wife ended up giving birth to the opposite gender of what they expected.


Okay, I know that sonograms are not 100% in anything. But our tiny one gave us an eyeful the day we saw what gender she is and I can't imagine her being a boy. My husband says if she IS a boy, he's going to have a lifetime of least from what we saw!

So just to be prepared, because up till now we haven't been, we are trying to agree on a boy's name. My husband is set on a So N. So, II.

That's the debate.

I do not believe in naming a child after his father. I think every person should have his/her own name. Now, having one name from a parent, like my hubby's middle name or a name from someone else in the family, is perfectly okay and sweet. But having a Junior or a II is not. If stepping on toes, I'm sorry, it is just how I feel and even I'm surprised at how adamant I am about it.

On the other hand, a boy would be the last in the line of my husband's last name. I know a lot of men love the idea of a son carrying on his name. But he'd be carrying on the last name anyway, right?

Am I fair to not want a junior or II? I'll accept all honest opinions because I don't want to be totally selfish though this is my child too.

Have any of you come across this problem in your family? What was the resolution? Did you give in to the junior or II and learn to love the idea of it?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I want to wish a special happy birthday to my SUPER ADORABLE nephew, Dillon!

He turns one year old today. I can hardly believe it! Dillon is one of the sweetest, cutest and already funniest little boy ever. Isabella absolutely adores her cousin and I look forward to this next year as the two learn to actually play together. Maybe Dillon will start fighting back when big cousin yanks toys out of his hands. Or maybe he'll just remain the laid back little man that he is now.

Either way, we love him and wish him a wonderfully FUN and ESSITING (Bella's wish) birthday!

Love always,

Your aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin-on-the-way

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is The End Near?

I'm hugely pregnant now. With three weeks to go, I could not be more uncomfortable or have worse heartburn. I must have been completely jaded with pregnancy number one because it was full of sunshine, hearts and flowers. This time around I feel like an ogre that swallowed a small boulder.

During both pregnancies, I've done pretty well keeping emotions in check. I didn't want to be one of THOSE pregnant women who cry or freak out at every little thing. Even my husband is grateful.

Today after dropping off Bella at school, I decided to get her some much needed new shoes. Walking around now is about as fun as shoving a mascara stick into my eye, but shopping is definitely easier to do without a toddler wandering off every two seconds.

I go to a store and find a great deal on a diaper bag (upgrading from cute n' little to giant) so I take it with me to the shoe dept. They are having a 50% off sale on toddler shoes! How exciting is that? I see the sales lady and she says "Yes?" No "hello" or even "screw off". I ask her to find the match to the shoe I found and she goes to get it without a word. Such a sweetheart.

When she starts to check out my items and notes that the diaper bag doesn't have a tag. Asks me what it cost, I tell her, she obviously thinks I"m a liar cuz she calls the department. No one answers.

She looks at me and says "There's no tag and no one is in the department to verify."

I glance over to that department, which is all of 30 feet away, then look back at her and ask "So, do you want ME to go to the dept and get another bag?"

She repeats her sentence of no tag, no one in the dept to verify.

Okay, is it me or does she have an attitude?

I'm a non-confrontational person. I HATE CONFRONTATION of any sort, unless it involves my child.

Maybe because I'm pregnant and it feels as if the baby in my belly could reach out and flip off the salesperson herself, or maybe because it was shoes for my child...I kinda lost it.

Face flushed, tears jumping to my eyes, I snapped at her "Well, you've had an attitude since I got here. I don't appreciate your tone or your lack of assistance!"

She immediately said she didn't have an attitude. Sorry, wrong thing to say to a hormonal customer.

I grabbed the bag and the shoes, told her that I HOPE she has a better day for the other customers' sake, then stormed off, tattling to another salesperson who helped me check out.

I feel really stupid for the outburst (oooh, check out the giant bellied woman going ballistic!) but I also feel that if you are going to work in customer service, at least pretend you give a damn, even if your personal life has gone down the sewer. NOT my problem.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Wonder Pets

If you have a toddler as well as the channel Noggin, you may be well aware of "Wonder Pets". It is a cute animation involving a hamster, baby chicken and turtle. They save animals in trouble by putting together a flying machine made from the toys in the preschool where they reside.

Isabella LOVES this show. Mostly because it has animals but also because there is lots of singing.

We sing the tune all day long. It is a simple tune you can add whatever words you want. And we do. To change diapers (an increasingly difficult feat), while making supper or any other less than desirable activity.

Friday night, at a restaurant, she was getting very tired of waiting for the food to arrive so I softly began singing the song:

"The phone is ringing"
"There's an animal in trouble!"
"We better save her!"

Then Bella asked who it was. It was a baby chicken. She was stuck in the salt shaker, so Bella saved her.

Then Bella began the song:

"The phone is winging"
"There's an amimal in twouble!"
"We betta save hu"

I asked who it was. It was Aunt Amanda. She was stuck in the ceiling light. My husband and I tried to control our laughter as she spun off into her own little imaginative world, reaching up towards the ceiling and "catching Anamana". I'm sure people around us were wondering what affliction ailed our daughter who was singing loudly and flinging her arms all around.

I'm continuously surprised by my daughter. I guess I didn't realize kids' imagination kicks into play so early in life. I love to watch her learn, grow and expand her world. It will be a sweet day the first time I see her play pretend with her little sister. Hopefully it will be a sweet day and not one where "Dr. Bella" decides to perform major surgery on her little sister with an object she swiped from a kitchen drawer. Hmmm...think I'll empty the drawers now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Its Allllllll Betta Now...

That's Bella's newest phrase.

Yesterday was quite an emotional ordeal leading up to Bella's dental surgery but it went smoothly and now she has a beautiful smile once again. I'm very glad we decided to go ahead with the procedure, not for cosmetic reasons so much as protecting her gums and health in the long run.

The pediatric surgery staff were wonderful to our little one. They gave her nose drops to make her loopy and relaxed right before taking her to surgery. Bella lay in my lap and it was very obvious when the medication kicked in. She started thumping her finger on my chest and when asked what she was doing, she said she was "taking my temature". CUTE. Then became transfixed with the ties on her pants.

Approximately 45 minutes later, we had her back in our arms. Rather, her daddy did. Wrapped in a heated blanket provided by the nurses, she was slow to wake but never cried. Instead, she got upset because her shoe fell off. It wasn't actually her was the blood pressure monitor clipped to her big toe.

The rest of the day was napping and eating as if we'd starved her since birth. I'd never seen a child eat so much! She's wanting to go to school today, so we'll attempt it. She does ask what's on her teeth, so I imagine she misses the jagged fun of what she had before.

And she STILL wants to be Dr. Bella.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Whole Lot of Everything

For the curious, this is what she looked like at the end of Day One. The result of no nap because that was just too bizarre for her. Fifteen kids all spread over the floor on nap mats? What an oddity! No comfy bed with Mama's ear to rub? Outrageous!

Day Two went better but still no nap. That day, the teachers caught on that Bella and Mitchell are "an item". In their words...the kids hooked up. Ha! When I picked up Bella, she was not ready to go, certainly not without Mitchell and asked Cathleen (Mitchell's mother) "Won't you please get Mitchell fo me?" Then they walked out of the school holding hands.

Being so cute, we thought perhaps they wanted to play at Mitchell's house. Um. Bad call. They both whined, griped and sounded like a couple who'd been married for 60 years. Finally, when Mitchell wouldn't stop chasing my screecher with a toy drum, we called it a day. Bella fell asleep on her Daddy's lap at 6pm and didn't wake until 6am the next morning!

She does love school though we talk about school naps daily. It is her obsession to figure it out, I guess. She will lay on her "nap map" at home, telling herself to stay on the mat, then telling herself she's not tired anymore and gets up. An all day ritual. But at least she acknowledges its existence, right?

Her Aunt Amanda and cousin Dillon came to visit on Friday. Bella was uber excited! She absolutely worships my sister and loves to love on Dillon, though this time she didn't like sharing him so much with HER aunt. Dillon is a beautiful (hey, I can say it!), smart and funny boy with the friggin cutest laugh you ever heard! I was sad to see them leave on Sunday, but happy cuz they'll be here in a month to visit with baby Ava. Perhaps the new baby will convince them to move here.

In Other News...

Saturday, someone stole a huge potted caladium from our front porch.

Yeah. How absurd is that?? It really upset my husband because it was from the funeral of his sweet cousin, Rebecca, who died last year at age 19 of Cystic Fibrosis.

I was just pissed. Those people thought they were simply taking some freebie plant that someone else nurtured and grew. However, it caused tremendous sadness in my home and that is unforgiveable.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.

Read that once in the Cheers & Jeers section of our newspaper. How appropriate to curse someone with who steals your plant, right?

More News...

Went to an aunt's house yesterday for a family dinner. They are raising their nearly 3 yr old granddaughter. For some unknown reason, the humidifier was on the floor of her room. It was on and had steam coming from the top. My two year old decided to check it out with her hand. The drama that ensued lasted all day, all night and up until drop-off at school. I've decided to forgive it as a mistake and oversight. My husband is having a harder time forgiving. Bella's alright except for when her thumb passes her face and she sees the blister once again. That happens frequently.

Tomorrow's News...

I'll be giving an update tomorrow, for sure. Bella is having dental surgery on three teeth she grinded down to nearly nothing. Apparently, about 25% of kids grind for no reason other than the discomfort of other teeth coming in. She stopped the grinding at about 18 months, but we had to wait for her teeth to completely come in before we could do anything to them.

Needless to say, we are freaking out. It will take 45 minutes to complete and she will have to go under with vapor anesthesia. I KNOW that kids have this type of anesthesia all the time but this is my child we're talking about! We don't have a choice though and really need to protect her teeth since they'll be in her mouth a good 4 more years. Kinda like our President, we're stuck with what we've got for now. Ha, lame joke, I know.

That's all I've got for now but it is plenty. I need a nap.