Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Child is a Slacker

Ever notice how every parent thinks their child is brilliant? What morons.

When pregnant, I would read books on how my child was developing in the womb. I'd wait for those first flutters, then the kicks, then the alien effect. Once my daughter was born, I'd wait for her first gas-free smile, her first rollover, her first pincher grasp. All were moments of glee and jubilation. Then Isabella began the BIG milestones. Crawling for about a week, then her first steps and on to where we are today...doing the moonwalk. As long as she doesn't grab her crotch or scream "eeeeeeHEEEEE" while moonwalking, we're cool.

I've also read that a huge number of parents want their kids in "gifted" classes because they deem their child to be the next Einstein. Not wanting to fall into this category, I try to keep everything in perspective and realize every child develops differently.


My adorable Isabella is truly remarkable in everything she does! She may be tiny but she is more social than I ever dreamed of being. She speaks so many words, even perfect strangers know what she's saying. She goes into her own little world of pretend as if she's a grown mommy caring for her brood. She says "Thank You", "Bless You" and "Please" when appropriate. She can hum the ABC song (at least to G). She can count by pointing 1-2-3.

Is there anything she doesn't DO? Could my child truly be the next Einstein????

Well, let's see...

Like most 17 month olds, she still poops in her diapers and can't change them herself. She still pees when she's running around nekkid and the cool air hits. She throws tantrums in stores because she wants to run down the aisles. She can't eat spaghetti without wearing 3/4 of it. She can't pour her own milk. She still takes a pacifier.

Maybe it isn't that each of our children are brilliant, they are just an amazement to us because we love and cherish them in everything they do.

Does kindergarten take 2 year olds?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dog Days

We have had a very rough week. The time change didn't help much. Before having a child, the fall back time change was AWESOME. Now it just throws everything off and I actually get less sleep because Bella goes by the old time. Great.

Then, our first little love...Zeus, our 5 yr old killer Dachsund...had two discs rupture. We didn't know when we took him in last Monday that within hours he'd have spinal surgery! It was a shock. Then another shock when the surgery didn't appear to work and he is paralyzed mid-back all the way down to the tip of his toes. Our poor squirrel hunter can now only dream about his conquests from afar.

We look for any sign of feeling. Any at all. Did his tail wag? Did he feel when I moved his leg? Is he licking himself because he feels he should or is it habit?

Zeus cannot even go potty on his own. At first with the surgery, we hoped for 90% recovery. Now, we've downgraded to just let him be able to pee on his own!!

I know Zeus is a dog, but he's still a life and we are responsible for his well-being. We're going to monitor him to make sure he doesn't get depressed. His sister, Molly, was very happy to see him but also confused why her brother couldn't play. Sophie, our giant puppy, didn't even notice Zeus' ailment and just wanted to pounce.

Is it silly to pray to God about your animals? I think not because they are God's creatures. So, we pray that God will guide us in making the right decisions concerning all our animals' futures.

I guess having 6 of God's creatures increases your chances for something like this. Noted.