Monday, November 07, 2005

Dog Days

We have had a very rough week. The time change didn't help much. Before having a child, the fall back time change was AWESOME. Now it just throws everything off and I actually get less sleep because Bella goes by the old time. Great.

Then, our first little love...Zeus, our 5 yr old killer Dachsund...had two discs rupture. We didn't know when we took him in last Monday that within hours he'd have spinal surgery! It was a shock. Then another shock when the surgery didn't appear to work and he is paralyzed mid-back all the way down to the tip of his toes. Our poor squirrel hunter can now only dream about his conquests from afar.

We look for any sign of feeling. Any at all. Did his tail wag? Did he feel when I moved his leg? Is he licking himself because he feels he should or is it habit?

Zeus cannot even go potty on his own. At first with the surgery, we hoped for 90% recovery. Now, we've downgraded to just let him be able to pee on his own!!

I know Zeus is a dog, but he's still a life and we are responsible for his well-being. We're going to monitor him to make sure he doesn't get depressed. His sister, Molly, was very happy to see him but also confused why her brother couldn't play. Sophie, our giant puppy, didn't even notice Zeus' ailment and just wanted to pounce.

Is it silly to pray to God about your animals? I think not because they are God's creatures. So, we pray that God will guide us in making the right decisions concerning all our animals' futures.

I guess having 6 of God's creatures increases your chances for something like this. Noted.


Michelle said...

I applaud you for even allowing your dog to have the surgery. It would take some definite leaps of faith for my husband to spend that much on one of our pets, when he says that there is always a 25 cent answer to every problem.
But, my husband is un-feeling about alot of things, so I pray for your pooch, that he can pee, and you can not stress!

Jennboree said...

Progress today! He lifted his tail and I think peed on his own. Or he was too full with overflow. Still early to tell.

It wasn't a matter of $ because there's no way in hell my husband would just put any animal down without trying any and all options. Except for the bird. If Larry Bird croaks, he just gets a nice burial service.

Mr. Pants said...

Hi Jenn,

Sorry to hear about your poor pooches problems.

Finding solace in God, who may or may not reside in every living cell of every living thing, is nothing to sneeze at. The power of faith is indeed a force that can change the world.

I live in Canada and I've never been Whistler, so you're one up on me!

Mr. Pants said...
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Trinity13 said...

Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your dog! And I just sent up a prayer for him. I hope he makes a full recovery!

unclehlc said...

I pray your dog is getting better, and I hope you had a great day.

Eve said...

Poor little Zeus- that is heartbreaking! I hope he's coping OK.