Monday, October 24, 2005

Speaking of Human Nature...

Humans are interesting creatures, to say the least. Figuring out why we do what we do when we do it is some people's profession, and with good reason: It is a job that will never end.

For instance, humans and death. While it varies between religions, countries and ethnicities, death is a tremendous force of emotions for humans throughout the world. I'll just focus on death in our country. Specifically, the roadside crosses adorned with fake flowers for a death or deaths that occured there.

Who started this? Who makes the roadside crosses? How long does one leave a roadside cross? What is it's exact purpose? Should it really be decorated during the holidays? If it is a precarious curve in the road and other people lose their lives, do roadside crosses just get added or do those who lost loved ones there first get dibs?

I'm really not being callous, I'm just totally curious about this strange, though somewhat understandable, memorial I've seen throughout Texas. I could not put up a cross on the side of a road where a loved one was killed because then I could never drive by that part of the road without feeling great sadness. I prefer to remember loved ones, no matter how or when they died, with good memories. But maybe that's just me.

A friend of my husband's lost her brother in a car accident 15 years ago. The cross is still there along with a new "updated" one that has his picture and name. It is on the property of an Exxon gas station. Will they leave that there forever? If road work had to be done, would they try to notify the family to pick up the crosses? Wouldn't it be horrifying for a family to drive by and see that the area which once held their beloved's cross(es) was now a sidewalk? I think I'd obsess about driving by the cross just to make sure it was still there and hadn't been vandalized.

Yes, I'm probably overthinking the whole concept of a roadside cross, but don't some things humans do make you overthink occasionally?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Pants...No Service

WHY do some women get themselves dressed, take the time to put their shoes on, possibly even a bra, but they cannot find the energy or time to dress their child?

Yesterday a perfectly decent dressed woman was shopping in a clothing store with a nearly naked 2 yr old. I say nearly naked because the child was wearing an obviously recently used diaper and socks. Oh, and her hair was in pigtails.

First of all, it is no longer 110 degrees outside. Secondly, if the child threw up, went to the bathroom on or simply removed her own clothes, how about calling off the shopping trip and going back home to regroup?

If the child needs new clothes and only owns a pair of socks, at least be kind enough to provide her with a blanket so she doesn't turn purple in the store. Or, if no blanket is available, try putting YOUR shirt on her. I would rather see a mother nearly naked than her baby, who has no control over his/her wardrobe, or lack of, at diaper age.

I glared, but it appeared to have no effect. The mother was too busy cooing over an adult coat on sale for what she could've bought three outfits for her daughter.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Greener Grasses

Being a stay-at-home mom has many challenges as well as rewards. For one thing, my whole day revolves around a tiny little being who is developing in every way at warp speed. Okay, the growing isn't exactly warp speed at just 1/2" growth since her 12 month checkup...but for her pants, that's at least enough to move her up to size 18 month!

Anyway, I know I am all consumed with my daughter's every life moment. It used to drive me a little nuts because I thought I was losing myself. Then I began to read blogs, emailed everyone I knew and read the internet news to feel more "worldly". It did help, but I noticed today when I was writing addresses on envelopes that my handwriting has gone to hell in a handbasket. (I know! Who SAYS that these days??)

So I have times where the grass seems a little greener on the working mom's side. I've toyed with the idea of starting a business, either a franchise or my own creation. Then my toddler will do something like run over to me with my panties around her neck, her shorts on her head, and the sweetest baby babble ever heard...*poof* the idea vanishes just as quickly as she goes giggling around the corner.

I'm learning to appreciate what God and my husband have enabled me to do. Staying home with Isabella is not only a blessing for me, but for her, and for that I am thankful. Sure, I'll become the bad guy one day instead of being her all for everything. I'm okay with that. I know my husband certainly looks forward to the day she's a daddy's girl! Maybe THAT is when I'll take up a new career. :)