Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Pants...No Service

WHY do some women get themselves dressed, take the time to put their shoes on, possibly even a bra, but they cannot find the energy or time to dress their child?

Yesterday a perfectly decent dressed woman was shopping in a clothing store with a nearly naked 2 yr old. I say nearly naked because the child was wearing an obviously recently used diaper and socks. Oh, and her hair was in pigtails.

First of all, it is no longer 110 degrees outside. Secondly, if the child threw up, went to the bathroom on or simply removed her own clothes, how about calling off the shopping trip and going back home to regroup?

If the child needs new clothes and only owns a pair of socks, at least be kind enough to provide her with a blanket so she doesn't turn purple in the store. Or, if no blanket is available, try putting YOUR shirt on her. I would rather see a mother nearly naked than her baby, who has no control over his/her wardrobe, or lack of, at diaper age.

I glared, but it appeared to have no effect. The mother was too busy cooing over an adult coat on sale for what she could've bought three outfits for her daughter.



Amanda Sue said...

:( that and kids with a puree of snot and dirt on their face are things that make me mad at mommas. open your eyes! that little person is dependent on you! don't let them look yucky!

Jennboree said...

Yeah, that too!

Puree of snot and dirt. Great visual.

Michelle said...

Just don't always blame the momma! Daddy got him dirty in the first place, and then brought him to the mommy, and on the way to the bathroom to clean him off and put real people clothes and a new diaper on him, she noticed a new coat for sale!

Sorry, had to be the voice from the other side!

Trinity13 said...

Oh my good Lord! How selfish is that lady?! All she cares about is herself! How terrible!!!

Princess21 said...

That is so sad...and the worst part is, that this happens a lot. I know that there are two sides to every story, but come on! Your child comes first!!!

Jennboree said...

Alas, Michelle, she was not in any hurry towards any bathroom. She was just bippity-bopping around shopping with her purple child.

Michelle said...

okay, I did groan when I first read of the selfish mother, but I was just hoping! :)

Too bad for that baby. This is the reason that I wonder why God lets some people have children when they shouldn't be allowed to corrupt another human being and yet other selfless, giving and good hearted people have none.

Princess21 said...

Amen Michelle! I completely agree!!!!

YankeeAmanda said...

This is the kind of stuff that makes me think you ought to have to pass some sort of test before you can procreate. Sheesh. Poor kid.