Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make It All Bettah...

Our family has been through the ringer with health issues. I topped it off with an eardrum rupture last Monday and still feel like I'm in a tunnel. Hubby says I'm now the UnderTalker which is just one step up from being the Mumbler. Trying to compensate for not being able to hear my own voice and not wanting to yell, I guess.

We all spend a lot of time saying "Huh??"

My children are very concerned about everyone's illnesses. We talk about it constantly. Especially with Ava.

"Gran not sick anymore? Momma all bettah?" Ava will ask with great concern. 50 times a day.

Bella refuses to even touch someone else's cup, utensil, plate or napkin. She's so tired of being sick and is determined to not miss anymore school (thata girl!).

The best moment of my day of late has to be when I lay down with Ava at bedtime and she reaches up her chubby little hands to rub my cheeks, gazes deep into my eyes and whispers, "You a sweet Momma."

I hear her words clear as a bell and it makes it all bettah...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Cuz...

Not much to say other than I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired (famous line from my Dad). The girls are finally feeling better and now they get to take care of their mother and father who are ill.

Still laughing? Yeah, we are too. With snot flying everywhere.

I went to see my Grandmother (my children call her Oma, which I love) who is living remarkably day-to-day with an extremely bad heart. How does she do it? I'm convinced it is all about removing stress from her life by moving into a lovely retirement home a year ago and having the will to keep on living and loving.

She's a little social butterfly, that one. Crowned Ms. Valentine's Day Queen. She got to dance with a short hunched-over Valentine's Day King. Then got irritated that his long king's robe got in the way so she hauled it up over her arm while they danced. She's a problem solver.

During that visit, I got to reconnect with my Aunt. I haven't seen her in many, many years and it was fun to catch up and see how we've changed and grown. She is fantastic with the elderly and they absolutely adored her. That was sweet to see.

I could see Mexico from atop the hill of my grandmother's home. Lots of city lights close to the border, not so much further away. Very strange.

I came home to two very happy little girls and one VERY happy and exhausted Daddy waiting outside the airport terminal. They had party balloons, streamers, hats and icing cookies for me at home. It was supposed to be a surprise but I wasn't even buckled into the car before Bella spilled the beans. She was quite proud of her big idea for a party. As she should be.

Though I think we've now begun a trend. Daddy had a welcome home party Tuesday night.

He brought them presents. He'd been in Orlando and returned with 2 very cute Disney babies. Cinderella (Ava's favorite) and Tinkerbell (Bella's new fave).

It really out shined the two wind-up plastic kitties I got in the airport gift shop on my return home.

I don't mind though. I'm just always happy when he returns home safely to us. I am glad, however, that he quit buying me souvenir thongs.