Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make It All Bettah...

Our family has been through the ringer with health issues. I topped it off with an eardrum rupture last Monday and still feel like I'm in a tunnel. Hubby says I'm now the UnderTalker which is just one step up from being the Mumbler. Trying to compensate for not being able to hear my own voice and not wanting to yell, I guess.

We all spend a lot of time saying "Huh??"

My children are very concerned about everyone's illnesses. We talk about it constantly. Especially with Ava.

"Gran not sick anymore? Momma all bettah?" Ava will ask with great concern. 50 times a day.

Bella refuses to even touch someone else's cup, utensil, plate or napkin. She's so tired of being sick and is determined to not miss anymore school (thata girl!).

The best moment of my day of late has to be when I lay down with Ava at bedtime and she reaches up her chubby little hands to rub my cheeks, gazes deep into my eyes and whispers, "You a sweet Momma."

I hear her words clear as a bell and it makes it all bettah...

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tallulah said...

You IS a sweet momma!