Friday, May 14, 2010

Pants On Fire

Oh, my goodness, I am such a liar! I said I'd start blogging again and posted 3 times. Sheesh. You'd think life is busy or something.

We're ending the school year. I have so many mixed feelings about it. Bella is starting Kindergarten in the fall. What? Why? She doesn't help matters with the fact that she is totally into Barbie and wants to wear all of her shirts off the shoulder. Seriously. It is almost a daily battle. How do you tell a nearly 6 year old that you simply don't want her to look like a slut?

We finally compromised on bathing suits. She can NOT have a bikini, but we will allow a tankini. And toenails can be painted shades of pink but we draw the line at hot pink.

Bella's taste in friends is going from rough n' tumble boys with imaginations to girly girls with giant bows and frilly skirts who discuss those rough n' tumble boys with mock disgust.

Oh my, are we in for a long ride.

Following close at her heels is baby sister who is no longer a baby. Ava insists that everyone know she is three AND A HALF. Nothing less is acceptable. She mimics her sister in every way but adds her own flair. And sass. I can still pick out Bella's clothes with her but Ava wants to do it all by herself. I should really post some of the outfits my child puts together. She's good! Ava is all about finding colors in clothes that match but has no qualms about mixing prints and layering. My little trendsetter *beaming*

We so adore my girls. We're a little sad to be done with having children, but not TOO sad. We have balance in the family with the 4 of us. Well, technically, my husband and dog Zeus are outnumbered even more considering we just got two female Betta fish, but he's absolutely happy with that. Zeus would just be happy to eat the fish, no matter their gender.

I used to love blogging and looking back over the years, I've enjoyed reading about moments in our life that I haven't thought of. So, I will really try to return more often. I know that I would've loved if my mom had kept a journal of our life...all the good and the bad.

See you soon! And I'm not lying this time!