Friday, August 29, 2008

From Fee To Fowa.

Best advice I've heard about parenting?

If you want to know how you are doing as a parent, listen to how your children speak to you and others.

So very true. While my girls have picked up a little drama from their mama (and Daddy!) they are also very loving, kind and funny.

Oh, and an older mom of 20-something girls told my husband that the hardest and most important ages for raising girls are 11 and 14. Interesting, dontcha think?


Thursday was Bella's first day of preschool. It was a completely different scene than last year when she went to school.

We ran out of time for breakfast so there is her Cheerios in a cup. First bump in the road and all of that was on the floor. Good one, Mom.

This is Bella attempting to smile at the camera but being distracted by all her friends headed into the school. Naturally.

Did she cry? No way. In fact, she didn't even say goodbye to me! Many parents might have had their feelings hurt but I was thrilled that she was more excited to be there than sad to leave me.

Who did cry? Ava. She didn't like leaving her sister there one bit.

But she got over it rather quickly.

I really didn't do anything productive in that 5 1/2 hours Bella was in school. And at 2:15, all the mothers were lined up to pick up their big little people. One mom joked that by May, we'll all be scrambling to get there by 2:30. So true!

I'm cool with preschool. It is the big "K" of next year that makes my heart leap out of my throat and slap me.

Did your kids start school this week?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Toddler Tidbits

Bella, stretching out after a long nap: "Daddy, I need some lotion. My back is KILLING ME."

Some grownups need to keep their drama in check.


Me, rocking Ava at 1:30am after she woke up howling and is now ready to play: "Baby, why aren't you sleepy?"

Ava: "Becuss."

Because. Did she warp speed to teen-speak in the wee hours?


Bella with her ever present obsession with marriage: "Mommy, can I wear your wedding dress when I get married? And can I put roses on it to make it prettier?"

Sure, babe. You might also want to get it dry-cleaned or just cut the bottom half off since I never did. An outdoor wedding and a total (but awesome!) dive jazz cafe reception leave many memories on silk.

*I recently found out that my child isn't the only pining away for love. Her friend Paige, quite the tomboy I thought, has declared that Gavyn is her "true love". Gag away, my friends*


This morning we were talking about Bella's friend, Rebecca, who broke her arm last week. I told Bella she'd need to be gentle with Rebecca while she healed.

Dr. Isabella said: "When everyone breaks their arm it doesn't hurt because their mommy puts a piece of paper around it and hangs it on their shoulder till they get bettah."

Yes, my little Texan has a bit of a Boston accent. For no reason at all.


News From Down Under...

If your child has an inexplicably bright blue bowel movement, check the color sidewalk chalks for bite marks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wonder Girl

My children are so different. If you have more than one, I'm sure you can claim the same.

Bella is sweet, sensitive and princessy (read that to mean theatrical if you wish). Ava is Miss Jekyl and Hyde. I mean that in the most loving way, of course. She can go from a tender kissy moment to an ear-piercing "No!" with sparks of fire in her eyes faster than you can even think to blink.

I'm not sure what to do with this tiny screaming bundle of wonder. Naturally, Ava picks the best times to display her tonsils. The store. A friend's house. Anywhere that "inside voices" are preferred.

She's smart as a whip and SHE KNOWS IT. Singing her ABCD's as loud as she can with a triumphant smile when everyone around oooh's and ahhh's. She dresses and undresses herself faster than a tire change at a NASCAR race then exclaims, "I did it!" Ava knows how to draw circles and does so on everything. She tells everyone her name with great satisfaction. "I'm Aba Eeesabef!"

The girl isn't even two and already tells us "I do it mysef!"

I mean, come on!

The challenge before me? Helping this child use her abilities for good and not evil. I decided to not put her into school this year but realize now that I'll have to fill that time with things for her to do. When she's bored, she's a force to be reckoned with.

For all the itty bitty whirlwind that Ava is, her number one favorite person is still her big sister. She wants to be all that Bella is and more. Note the TWO crowns on her head...

Monday, August 11, 2008

We've All Heard It...

Kids and peanut butter can be dangerous.

Now I know another way.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Retro Superhero

After a day spent running around in superhero masks with Mitchell, Bella woke up this morning begging for one.

And here it is. She completed the outfit with the sparkly headband thingie. I think that's her superhero face, but I'm not sure.

I would like to thank State Farm for their contribution of the red and white brochure.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Saturday, my friends, was AWESOME.

One of my BFFs is turning 35 this week so she decided to have a Girl's Day Out to celebrate on Saturday. The day included my very first pedicure (sad, huh?) complete with Korean toe art.

Then we hung out at her pool all afternoon. Without children! We quickly adjusted, don't worry. Sipping sangria, reading gossip rags and talking (laughing) about how our husbands think all women talk about is sex. Then we got dressed up for dinner at the fabulous Mi Cocina followed by an eye-opening evening at a bar downtown.

It's funny because my husband and I, along with his entourage of friends, would hang out at this exact same bar about 5 years ago. The scene was so different from then! Or maybe I just am?

The band that played was called Phantom Five. They were obviously mid-lifers who'd watched one too many rock videos. The bass player was as Flea as he could be, but not. The lead singer would tuck his imaginary rocker hair behind his ears. And I swear he was wearing the exact same Cowboys t-shirt that my husband owns as a pajama set.

The highlight was the 40-something drunk woman who would dance like it was 1999 in front of the stage, only to trip on a crack in the concrete and pop back up to keep twirling.


Being there with 3 other married moms, we all agreed that we are definitely happy where we are in life.

The long, wonderful day ended for me at about 10:30pm. Twelve hours away from my beloveds was more than enough and I felt rejuvenated, ready to resume my happy reality.

Four women who didn't know each other very well at 10:30am but were best buds by 10:30pm.

Now that is an awesome GDO, right?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Blue Pox?

The girls are both enrolled in Little Gym this summer. Bella loves it, Ava, not so much. However, they both live for the very end of class when Ms. Bubbly stamps their hands, feet and tummy with a shape ink stamper.

Yesterday, Bella was in a mood that was less than lovely (we'll chalk it up to the four stabs in her legs the day before for shots). When Ava's class was over, Bella wanted to play in the gym. I let her for a minute or two and then tried to corral her. She'd have none of it. The girl can scowl like nobody I know...well, other than her Aunt Amanda maybe. She played Dodge Mom for a bit till I got tired of looking like an idiot and scooped her up.

While she was having her fit, she missed out on getting the beloved farewell stamps. She wailed about that all the way home.

Kids are good at moving on, right?

Eh. No.

What started off as quietly coloring on paper turned into one tiny victim of a determined-to-make-it-happen stamper with NON-WASHABLE MARKERS. What kind of mother am I that those are even in the house???

Ava thought it was fun at first. Not so much when it was bath time.