Monday, August 04, 2008


Saturday, my friends, was AWESOME.

One of my BFFs is turning 35 this week so she decided to have a Girl's Day Out to celebrate on Saturday. The day included my very first pedicure (sad, huh?) complete with Korean toe art.

Then we hung out at her pool all afternoon. Without children! We quickly adjusted, don't worry. Sipping sangria, reading gossip rags and talking (laughing) about how our husbands think all women talk about is sex. Then we got dressed up for dinner at the fabulous Mi Cocina followed by an eye-opening evening at a bar downtown.

It's funny because my husband and I, along with his entourage of friends, would hang out at this exact same bar about 5 years ago. The scene was so different from then! Or maybe I just am?

The band that played was called Phantom Five. They were obviously mid-lifers who'd watched one too many rock videos. The bass player was as Flea as he could be, but not. The lead singer would tuck his imaginary rocker hair behind his ears. And I swear he was wearing the exact same Cowboys t-shirt that my husband owns as a pajama set.

The highlight was the 40-something drunk woman who would dance like it was 1999 in front of the stage, only to trip on a crack in the concrete and pop back up to keep twirling.


Being there with 3 other married moms, we all agreed that we are definitely happy where we are in life.

The long, wonderful day ended for me at about 10:30pm. Twelve hours away from my beloveds was more than enough and I felt rejuvenated, ready to resume my happy reality.

Four women who didn't know each other very well at 10:30am but were best buds by 10:30pm.

Now that is an awesome GDO, right?


Katrina said...

Sounds like so much fun! It's nice to feel pampered once in a while.

cori said...

What fun! I'm so glad for you that you got a 'day off'. I'm so glad you came back rejuvenated and happy!

MeesheMama said...

How refreshing. A whole day out with the gals sounds like such a great time.
I can't believe you've never gotten a pedicure! Of course, the list of things I've never done in the name of "primping" is probably extensive, but I'm sad that your feet had to wait this long to get spa treatment! My feet are mad that it's been over 6 months since my last one. Yours look lovely. Thank you for including the pic.

louann said...

Oh sounds like A LOT of fun! Moms need days like that. We get to realize how much we actually love our life even if it can drive us crazy a lot of times.

Jennboree said...

True, true, Meesh. My feet were and are very happy with me.

And true what you said too, Louann! It was a wonderful break but it was even better to return to my house of chaos :)