Friday, August 01, 2008

Blue Pox?

The girls are both enrolled in Little Gym this summer. Bella loves it, Ava, not so much. However, they both live for the very end of class when Ms. Bubbly stamps their hands, feet and tummy with a shape ink stamper.

Yesterday, Bella was in a mood that was less than lovely (we'll chalk it up to the four stabs in her legs the day before for shots). When Ava's class was over, Bella wanted to play in the gym. I let her for a minute or two and then tried to corral her. She'd have none of it. The girl can scowl like nobody I know...well, other than her Aunt Amanda maybe. She played Dodge Mom for a bit till I got tired of looking like an idiot and scooped her up.

While she was having her fit, she missed out on getting the beloved farewell stamps. She wailed about that all the way home.

Kids are good at moving on, right?

Eh. No.

What started off as quietly coloring on paper turned into one tiny victim of a determined-to-make-it-happen stamper with NON-WASHABLE MARKERS. What kind of mother am I that those are even in the house???

Ava thought it was fun at first. Not so much when it was bath time.


Kandace Groenewegen said...

Awwww....she still has that 'ripped off' look!!! Is that post scrubbing??

p.s. I forget your e-mail address. Would love to add you (&Amanda, if she would like I have no idea what her e-mail address is...) to my blog access. LOng story as to why I switched access.


cori said...

you gotta love permanent markers! i think blue is a lovely shade on her.

Amanda said...

kandace! nothing like NOT being invited to the party to make you really want to go! email ME! invite ME! love ME!

as far as bella? um, we practice the scowl when you aren't around, jenn. is it working?