Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who ARE You People?

(hahaha...I accidentally typed the title and pressed Enter so it posted with just that sentence. Woulda been funny had I left it there, no?)

Let me just say that it appears I grossly underestimated my children's affection for poor, dead Willie. They've not searched for him or asked why there's a smaller feed bowl for the cats OR questioned the fact there are no more trails of cat puke (signature Willie) for them to step in.

Good thing? Or bad? In fact, a random Pomeranian showed up in our garage and Bella was all over adopting the fuzz ball in a heartbeat. Fortunately, the neighbor came to claim her runaway and now even that cute little yapper is off Bella's radar.

Egocentric, anyone?


Last night Ava was wearing Bella's perfectly pink bathing suit (with hearts, as she would insist I add) whilst without a diaper. Mmmhmmm.

Soon I heard screams of horror and disgust. Bella looked as if she'd never seen a human turd before and Ava couldn't believe that came out of her butt and rolled out of the perfectly pink bathing suit onto the carpet.

For a nano second, I was going to react with anger. But poor Bella was so traumatized over her sister's dirty deed and Ava was so beside herself (er, at least her doodoo) that I had to laugh and then reassure everyone involved that I could fix the situation. After dousing the perfectly pink bathing suit in Shout and washing it in scorching hot water, I scrubbed the floor armed with Resolve.

Ava, looking wild-eyed, kept repeating, "Aba poopoo in baving suit Bella! Ewww! Aba poopoo on da for!"

I figured today isn't the time to introduce true potty training. However, if they can forget about a cat they had all their lives, surely they can forget about this even quicker.


Ava's so sweet with all her spontaneous kisses and hugs. She says "Thank you" and "Peas" and "Sowwy, Bella" (alot, actually) without prompting. She initiates the family dinner prayer by smooshing her chubby hands together, bowing her head and mumbling "Ah-men!"

Then there's my Ava who is STILL nursing. Yes, I am fully aware that she's nearly 2 years old. But dangit, she isn't giving up her mommy milk without a fight!

I am only a human pacifier at this point. And a rarely used one at that but every single day we have the same drama:

Ava: Wan mommy meyuk. K? Le bit?

Me: Ava, it is all gone, remember?

Ava, face scrunching: Le bit? Peeeeeas? (big doe eyes)

Me: Ava, no, honey, here's some water.

Ava, furious: NOOOOO! Le bit! Mommy meyuk! PEEEEEEEEEAS!!

Then she will two fist my shirt and I swear she's thinking about decking me. I set her away from me and she bursts into heartbroken tears.

I give in.

Wouldn't you?! I mean really, who's it hurting to give her a lil' mommy milk for comfort? Yeah, I'm tired of being a milking cow for 4 years but there's no law (other than the silent social one?) that you can't keep nursing.

She's sleeping through the night now, which was my biggest gripe about breastfeeding. There's no pattern to when she nurses other than she just thinks about it. In fact, she'll even tell her Gran there's no more mommy milk, which I find interesting. But like any comfort addiction, she can't quite let go. Yet. And that's okay. Today. When Ava hits the 2 year mark, it may just get ugly. Cuz I'm tough like that. HAHAHAHA

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Amanda said...

you are a lot braver than me. first of all, i still can't breathe right when dillon isn't in underwear, and he is potty trained. if he had been NOT potty trained, and without a diaper, i would be running around with a bucket to hold under his hiney. too stressful!