Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'll Take One Square Peg, Please...

Women intimidate me. Groups of women make me wish I was a turtle. Then I could just leap into my cozy little home when those women got scary and poke my head out to say hello when someone friendly drops by.

I have been attending a monthly mom group that focuses on community service, fundraising and special interest playgroups. A close friend is very involved and new friend I've made recently is also a member. Easy peasy, right?


After dropping off Bella without a look back (her, not me) and then handing off my screaming two year old to the very kind nursery worker, I hang around the front desk as my good friend C gets the little ones registered in the nursery. In part so I can listen for Ava to calm down (she does, rather quickly) and so I don't have to walk down the loooong hall to the big room full of women. My friend is awesome about introducing me to people but I swear the more I'm introduced, the more I am wishing for a shell to retreat to.

I'm a social tard. Why blame the other women? Most were friendly, some avoided eye contact, a few looked like they also wish they were turtles.

As the meetings go on, I begin to realize why these groups exist. We women often need a support group and sometimes don't want to admit it. Whether it is regarding our spirituality, our marriage, our children or various other reasons.

In this case, it is for our children as well as for ourselves. We all want to be the best parents we can be using fresh ideas and approaches, some old school but alot of it new. We want to set a good example for our children through community service, which is important for every citizen to be a part of. We want our children to see us socialize and become friends with those who may be a little or even a lot different than we are.

I like that. I really do.

So I will leave my shell at home, or at least in the car, and keep going to these meetings. It is healthy for me to continue developing new relationships and since I'm always harping to my children about acceptance of others, I should probably do the same.

Women can be alot of things but motherhood often helps us look past ourselves for the sake of others.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction?

This week at school was all about authors and books.
Bella and her friends wrote this cute little story.
Or...not so cute.

Should I be more concerned that the elephant's name is "Reno"...

that Mom is such a hardass...

...or just the state of healthcare?

Now I want to know what the other kids' books were about!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Party On, Dude.

What do you do when Daddy buys the wrong pull-ups?

Wear them on your head and dance, of course!

A welcome distraction from a very boring debate.
And apparently, a recurring theme in our home.
This is Bella in July of 2006.

Hubby is just glad I didn't post HIS picture with a diaper hat.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Terrific Two's! (wishful thinking?)

Sigh...my baby is a little less baby now.

Ava turned 2 last Thursday and her present to me? Peeing in the potty for the first (and so far, last) time in her life! We whooped and hollered like all kinds of crazies over it. She was quite pleased once she got over the freak factor of something leaving her body and traveling so far down.

Bella has taken it upon herself to be Ava's English teacher.

On the way to school Thursday, Ava was asking for her dad. Bella told her that Daddy was working and took the opportunity to help Ava improve her vocabulary.

"Ava, Daddy is at wuhk. Can you say wuhk?"
"Momma, what does "wuhk" start with? Dubba-yew?"
"Okay, Ava, can you say wuh-WUH- WUUUUUUHK."

Thank goodness they sit in the back seat cuz I was crackin up in the front!

Then we had a family party at our home yesterday. Just a little get together to stuff our faces and get sugar highs. Mission accomplished!

Ava is an inventor, did you know? After blowing at her candle (I had to blow it out) , she had the brilliant idea to use the end of the candle to scoop up the tasty chocolate frosting. How cool is that? Use your birthday candle as cake fork! The downside was when she got more wax than frosting in an eager bite, so maybe next year she'll come up with something better.
Her favorite present? Birthday Bear from her Daddy, of course!

Our sweet Ava Elizabeth. She's funny, sassy, smart and loving. I can't wait to see what she's got in store for us as a two year old!