Friday, October 17, 2008

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction?

This week at school was all about authors and books.
Bella and her friends wrote this cute little story.
Or...not so cute.

Should I be more concerned that the elephant's name is "Reno"...

that Mom is such a hardass...

...or just the state of healthcare?

Now I want to know what the other kids' books were about!


cori said...

Aren't you always paranoid that your kids are just retelling events or things that happened at home and calling it a 'story' - at least that's what I fear the teacher thinks. :) is safe to assume your pet name for Bella is Reno the Elephant? :)

Jennboree said...

No...ha! We call her Angelgirl. I figured one of the other kids came up with the name. Someone who's parents go to Reno, perhaps? heh. ;)

I do hear stories now and then that friends tell Bella so I DO wonder what she tells them!

tallulah said...

"The doctor said come back tomorrow." Ha ha, that is very funny!
Because I volunteer quite a bit, I always hear stories from kids about their home life. And many times I just want to put my fingers in my ears and "Lalala" through their stories. I can't even imagine what things my children have shared!
Very cute!

T's Pink Gloves said...

Yeah, don't get me started on the stories little people tell. Lately mine has taken to screaming out when you walk by "ow, don't shove me!" or "Ow, DON'T hit me... NOT nice!" when you never laid a finger on her. THEN she had the sweetness of fortitude to go and tell her Daddy that "Mama hits her!" Yeah, that was a good time had by all, if you remember I am going through a divorce- the only thing that saved the day is that a little while after the nasty phonecall she told Daddy to stop hitting her when HE walked by, there by validating my story! He called and appologized. Btw- she also went into a list of people who had hit her that week, including a few relatives who happened to be out of state, quite a feat that. Not sure WHERE this one is coming from except she had been in trouble for a period before that about HER hitting others but I am just waiting for the social services call. LOL It is enough to give one a complex about being perfect parent... then again, maybe not!LOL

I yhave to laugh at the story though, how many times do we as parents say things like "don't run" AFTER they have run? LOL