Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Boys are strange beings. We all know that. They just don't know that.

Bella has a cute friend named Ben who talks like a robot or roars like a dinosaur whenever we see him. Never a normal hello. That would be boring!

We also know that boys are visually stimulated. They like things that move. And before their brain slides to their pants, it is fairly rated G. Fast cars, football, bugs, air guitar, their pee stream, etc.

Even after puberty rocks their world, there's still a little boy lurking around, waiting for something to move and entertain them.

Hubby went to a networking event one evening and came home rather dumbfounded. It seems that as he was talking to a current client, she brought up that while she loves that her husband keeps their yard so lovely, he obsesses over the sprinkler.

Not the sprinkler system installed by a professional. No, he likes to manually hook up a twirly sprinkler to the hose, drag it all around the yard and watch in a daze while the water quenches his lawn's thirst.

My husband was taken aback because HE DOES THIS!

I think I got over it years ago. Watching my husband stand in one spot during the 20 minutes of a new area he's watering is just old hat to me. But I find it hilarious that hearing about someone else doing the exact same thing resulted in Hubby's shock over it.

Guys always like to think that no one else is ever like them, even remotely. I'm glad I wasn't the one to burst that bubble.

Oh, and of course staring at the grill while it does its magic on chicken or ribs. I'm sure no other man does that either!

I love you, Honey!