Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Girls Really Don't Cry!

Today was Bella's first day of school and she did beautifully, restoring my faith in our decision to take her out of school last fall and wait until she was three.

This is what she WANTED to wear her first day:

(that is a visor connected to the fabulous sunglasses. Thank you, Oma!)

Monday we met her teachers and asked all the pertinent questions like (listing them for Aunt Amanda's viewing)
1) Who takes the kids potty? (bathroom in the room, door wide open, no yelling about having just pooped)

2) How do you discipline? (remove from situation, distraction, floggings with a wet noodle)

3) Do you call if there are tears of tremendous unhappiness? (they give child 30 min trying numerous tactics, then call the mama and hope she's not pretending to not hear it)
4) Even though Bella leaves at noon, can I stay and take a nap with the children? (A stare, then firm "No.")
Bella's best friend, her beloved Mitchell, is in her class. At their teacher meet n' greet, they held hands nearly the entire time. Fortunately, Mitchell is more ga-ga over Bella than she is for him. After about 30 minutes, Bella crossed her arms and growled when he tried to hold her hand for the umpteenth time.

This morning she woke up ready to go and there were no tears when we dropped her off. She was the first kid there, which was great so she could get acclimated. AND she could direct the kids as they came in to where they should play and with whom.

This is right before school. So excited. So much backpack.

We picked her up at noon and as expected, she was upset because she wanted to have lunch with the other kids. That's fine but the stickler is if she stays for lunch she has to stay for nap and she is NOT all about that. When she's bigger, she told us with a grin and skipped out of the school, giant backpack bouncing on her back.

A good first day. I am pleased.

This is Ava wondering when the heck she gets her nap and when it stopped being all about her.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lil' Miss Manners

We are all about good manners that are age appropriate. For example, I will accept a "yes" over a "yeah" any day. We encourage the "yes ma'ams" and "no sirs" but won't enforce it until Bella's older. For now we are content to be that little reminder voice she hears but doesn't register.

However, I do wonder what the etiquette is with strangers on a few things.

Like during checkout yesterday, Isabella asked Mary the Clerk how old she is. When the lady either ignored her question or honestly didn't hear her, Bella asked again, loudly.

Was I supposed to hush her? Wouldn't it be a bit absurd to tell a 3 yr old that she can ask another child how old he/she is but not a grownup?

When Ava's cruising around she tends to grab onto anyone or anything in her path. That often means she's grabbing the knees or purses of others. I try to allow babies (even other people's) to explore as much as they want as long as no one is getting hurt or bothered. Containing a 10 1/2 month old for 60 minutes is ridiculously impossible otherwise.

Is this inconsiderate of others who may not think Ava's the most adorable ladybug in the universe? Crazy thought, but I guess it could happen.

I do teach Bella to be thankful and loving. Today was our last day of gym class so she finger painted a picture for Mr. Jeremy, her teacher. We rolled it up, wrapped a pretty ribbon around it and Bella presented it with great enthusiasm and a touch of bashfulness this morning.

Isabella is very good at thanking people when they hold doors open for us or when we leave a store. She thanks everyone, in fact, assuming they all live there and we'll see them next go around.

What do you expect from your child(ren) whatever their age at present? Is there anything you consider yourself a stickler on?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tidbits n' Pieces

Happy Monday, All!

We've had an interesting last few days. First (second?) Ava's got her second tooth. Yay for her, boo for my boobies. We are going to have a serious talk about her knawing habit.

Our little love gave us a bit of a scare last week. She ran a high fever for several days with no other symptoms other than vomiting a good sippie cup's worth the morning we took her to the doctor. Because of the results fo her 9 month anemia test coming back low, the doc was concerned and rushed bloodwork at the lab. Ava is fine and probably had a virus but is okey-doke to continue her mama knawing.

While at the ped's office (one of Bella's favorite places on Earth), Bella wowed the doc with her lack of doctor fear and endless chattiness. I never interfere (ie. save the doc) from her verbal spewing because it is cute and fun to watch someone else get an earful.

Bella: "Soooooo, doctor, do I get a sucker because I am really REALLY good?"

Doc: "Sure, honey! What color would you like?"

Bella: (pause) "Mmmm, I think I don't know which one to choose, so I should have TWO suckers."

Ha! She picked a pink one (of course) and a blue one (Daddy's favorite color).

Since we were actually there for Ava, the doctor began to examine my very unhappy short one. Have I mentioned that Ava's scream could shatter glass? The examination room surely had shatter-proof windows.

As Ava and the doctor wrestled with the stethescope, Bella began singing and swinging her leg around: "Youuuuu are not listening to meeeeeeee. Noooooo, youuuuuuu are not listening to meeeeeeeee."

Psshhh. We pay our pediatrician to LISTEN, you know.

That was a long day for everyone though a pretty good one for Isabella :)


Have you SEEN the new show on NickJr? It is something ridiculous like Yo Gabba Gabba. More like Holy Crappa Crappa. Seriously? With all the children's shows out there, you had to pick this one to add to your morning lineup? Perhaps it is meant to deter children from watching television. That makes total sense. When my own 3 yr old begins cleaning up her toys rather than watch TV, you know it is bad. Maybe NickJr is GENIUS.


Would you like to make a fast and delicious dessert to impress everyone who knows you and those who wish they did? Well, I have the boxed dessert for you! It is by Krusteaz and they are pecan bars. My beloved sister turned me on to them and I amazed everyone with my incredible baking skills Saturday night. The most difficult part of the entire process was my husband prying them from my hands to take to the party.


Hope you all had a great weekend! Have I told you lately how much I like you?

Monday, August 13, 2007

This October will be four years since I got paid to work. (Like how I stated that, all you stay-at-home moms?)

Anyway, that seems so long ago yet I can still remember everything about my job as if I was there yesterday. Weak coffee. Endless office gossip. Walking the stairs 15 times a day to exercise so I could pig out on whatever was in the break room. Arrogant executives, ignorant managers, emotional employees hired and fired like a revolving door spinning out of control.

I loved my position in Human Resources but I grew to hate the company. They were ridiculous and unethical. We in HR championed them to play by the rules, or at least exhibit human compassion, to no avail. Plus they fired me. Slam to the ego, let me tell you.

It was one of the weirdest times of my life. I like to think that God was so busy trying to figure out why the US was in Iraq, He had a fleeting moment to recall that I needed to be fired 3 days after being promoted. He wiggled His fingers and there you have it. To this day it is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Two weeks later, after thinking I had high school mono or something that might kill me, I found out I was pregnant. Four years later, I have a 3 year old and almost 1 year old. That seems so insane! My life is far richer and more blessed than I could've ever imagined.

However, I have thought about the repercussions of staying home. A recent study suggested that when you leave the workforce for just 3 years, you lose 38% of your salary when you try to get back in. Ouch.

Yeah, yeah, a few companies are hiring former SAHM's and transferring their home skills into workable skills but, c'mon, you and I know those employers are few and far between.

While my top priority is caring for my children, what if I need to go back to work one day? If it is 10 years from now, will I have to resort to retail? Or an underpaid and under appreciated receptionist? Will I need to go back to school? Could I stomach the corporate world? I don't think I'd have the tolerance for it. Even if I were to return to advertising and marketing, the crap that comes with it gives me tired-head to think about. Honestly, 3 year olds have better logic than adults most days.

For now I'm perfectly content to wipe little bums, play dress-up, live in the kitchen and apply makeup once in a blue moon. The time I get with my children is priceless. My husband always tells me he's envious of all the moments I experience with our children. What is routine to me is magical to him and I certainly never want to lose sight of that.

Have you thought of the what-ifs? Can you imagine going back to work? If you work, could you imagine not bringing home a paycheck and spending 24-7 with your kid(s)? Moms make all kinds of sacrifices on a daily basis, but what if you had to suddenly change what you've been doing for years?

Do tell...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First Impression

Yesterday while chatting with hubby on the phone, holding my darling baby girl as she giggled and played with my precious 3 year old, I felt the vibration of a blood-curdling scream erupting from my tiniest tot. Before I could blink, Bella was screaming and running out of the room holding onto her butt.


Because of the indentions she put on her sister's thumb with her teeth.

After an eternally long 3 minute time-out in her room, I asked Bella why on Earth she bit her sister. Very matter-of-fact, she replied, "I wanted to watch Little Mermaid, Mama."

Not the way to go about it, my dear.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Phew...growing from 9 months to 10 months old was exhausting and liberating!

I got a new tooth. Finally. Mama was beginning to wonder if I literally had jaws of steel since I had no teeth but could bite a raw carrot in half. Don't worry, she's since pulled out that handy list of have-nots for us infants to munch on.

And I walked. Yeah, yeah, please keep your cool. I took some steps to show that I so know how to do it and I've turned back into an all-fours speed demon. That's the real reason Mama lost all that weight.

She was going to put me in a little gym class but apparently I showed her a wee bit too much of my skillz and she's not sure she wants to "fan that flame." Dangit.

That's it in a nutshell. Lovin the food, still gettin boob, climbing everything within reach while trying for what's not, taking a few steps here and there to wow the crowds and in all just enjoying the attention that comes from being TOTALLY CUTE!