Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Girls Really Don't Cry!

Today was Bella's first day of school and she did beautifully, restoring my faith in our decision to take her out of school last fall and wait until she was three.

This is what she WANTED to wear her first day:

(that is a visor connected to the fabulous sunglasses. Thank you, Oma!)

Monday we met her teachers and asked all the pertinent questions like (listing them for Aunt Amanda's viewing)
1) Who takes the kids potty? (bathroom in the room, door wide open, no yelling about having just pooped)

2) How do you discipline? (remove from situation, distraction, floggings with a wet noodle)

3) Do you call if there are tears of tremendous unhappiness? (they give child 30 min trying numerous tactics, then call the mama and hope she's not pretending to not hear it)
4) Even though Bella leaves at noon, can I stay and take a nap with the children? (A stare, then firm "No.")
Bella's best friend, her beloved Mitchell, is in her class. At their teacher meet n' greet, they held hands nearly the entire time. Fortunately, Mitchell is more ga-ga over Bella than she is for him. After about 30 minutes, Bella crossed her arms and growled when he tried to hold her hand for the umpteenth time.

This morning she woke up ready to go and there were no tears when we dropped her off. She was the first kid there, which was great so she could get acclimated. AND she could direct the kids as they came in to where they should play and with whom.

This is right before school. So excited. So much backpack.

We picked her up at noon and as expected, she was upset because she wanted to have lunch with the other kids. That's fine but the stickler is if she stays for lunch she has to stay for nap and she is NOT all about that. When she's bigger, she told us with a grin and skipped out of the school, giant backpack bouncing on her back.

A good first day. I am pleased.

This is Ava wondering when the heck she gets her nap and when it stopped being all about her.


louann said...

I enjoyed reading thie very very much. Bella looks very very happy about school. But I did love the picture of Ava :)

The King's Mama said...

You certainly handled day one and two well. I would be the one crazy mother giving instructions to the teacher until the last minute (b/c that really makes them love you and your kid).

T-girl said...

Tell me they are not the cutest kids ever! Seriously! Sigh, we start school on Tuesday, she bite me when I tried to make her leave the other day so we HOPEFULLY will have sucess Tuesday... she has NEVER bit me before, it was a bit of a shock! Looking forward to all the other bad habits she will be taught by the other heathens!

Jennboree said...

Oh, I know, T! I'm so afraid my sweet girl is gonna tap into her inner demon now that she's in school! :)

Fortunately, Bella remembers several kids from last year AND she always has Mitchell to look out for her!

MeesheMama said...

Hooray Big Girl! (Both of you...)


tallulah said...

Bella and Izzy seem to be on the same page. AAAAHHHHH...don't you have just a sigh of relief? I know I do. Good for Bella, good for Mommy and of course good for Ava who despite the picture, will have a little one on one with her sweet mama!

Anonymous said...

What a bittersweet day that must have been for you! It is so much easier when they don't cry, but when it happens, I find myself thinking "hey wait a minute, aren't you going to miss me?"

Hats off to Miss Bella for having such a wonderful first day!