Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Conversations with a 3 Year Old

Bella's peering behind the couch and I hear a muffled question, "Mama, how did that big bug fly back here?"

I tell her that I have no idea. She stares at it some more then says, "I think it went to heaven. That means it got dead."


Tuesday Bella was a very big girl and stayed for lunch as well as naptime on the condition that she would NOT have to actually sleep.

When I got there to pick her up, they of course had to wake her.

On the way home she was very excited to talk about her day, announcing proudly, "And I laid there but I DIDN'T SLEEP!"

Okey-doke, pumpkin. You really showed us.


Bella's going to a Christian school and unfortunately, she refuses to sing "Jesus Loves Me" correctly, thanks to a little doll from China that sings it like a valley girl.

Her version? Jesus loves her because the bottle tells her SOooOooOoo.

I may get an eyebrow raised from the teacher on that one.


While traveling to the country, we got pulled over for speeding on the highway. As I was giving my best annoyed eye roll to hubby, Bella was evaluating the situation.

"Daddy, it is NOT very safe for that man to stand in the street!"

Hubby agreed and explained that he was driving too fast and the police officer just wanted to tell him to slow down.

Bella pondered that for about a nano-second, then said, "Well, it still isn't very safe to stand in the street. Will you tell him?"

Eh. No. We're just going to take our ticket and go about our merry slow way.


Ahhhh...the wonderful world of three.
Never lacking in imagination or drama.


T-girl said...

OH! I can't wait to tell Big J about the police officer comment! That is too funny! She is right, next time you can tell her that is why when you see a police officer standing in the street you must make room for them, more police officers are killed this way then any other way... I mean "got dead!" LOL

Sigh, Baby J told me yesterday "Mama! Sit! Down! NOW!" she added in her own finger wagging and hand on hip action but the rest I am affraid is a verbatium repeat of me two minutes earilier! LOL They say the funniest stuff!

MeesheMama said...

About fell off the chair over the bottle telling her so. Hysterical.

The King's Mama said...

Hilarious. What an emotional roller-coaster. One visit to Michelle's blog and then to yours. One with a post about children's cancer. So glad I read yours second. Thank you. You saved me from balling my eyes out.

louann said...

Ooh I loved this! Especially the having to wake her up because she agreed to stay on the condition of not having to sleep!

louann said...

I had to go back to this post - it's a Monday morning and I needed a good laugh.
Love this collection of stories.
Still can't get over the "not sleeping but had to be waken up" scene.

Katrina said...

How adorable! I love, love, love those little things they say that let you look at the world through their eyes for a minute!

I'm so glad you wrote these down, so you'll always remember them. :)

Kandace Groenewegen said...

so cute!!!!!!! SO CUTE!

tallulah said...

Izzy always says, "I wasn't sleeping...I was PRETEND sleeping. Robots don't sleep."
I'm sure if our two were neighbors, they would be BEST friends!