Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ze Queen Hath Spoken...

Isabella is a decision maker. Not that she reaches her final decision quickly but when she's ready for change, she plows ahead and doesn't look back.

Bella decided 3 nights ago that she wanted to start sleeping in the big girl bed in the room next to ours. She didn't require anything from me other than a goodnight kiss and turning off the light on my way out. I was shocked!

This is the same child who has slept in Mommy & Daddy's bed since I was pregnant with Ava. The very child who would rub Daddy's earlobe to help her fall asleep. And now she's in the room next door hidden among 15,000 stuffed animals and dolls, snoozing until 9am.

We admit we miss feeling her toes knead our legs and her arms smacking our face in the night.

Even after 5 years of knowing and growing with Isabella, she still surprises me. She definitely likes to be in control of her own some point. Whether it is quitting breastfeeding, diapers, the crack paci or crying at school, when Isabella is ready to move on, she simply does it!

So while her Daddy and I pout a bit over her newfound independence, we are also bursting with pride at her ability to know when she's ready for change and she goes for it.

She is named for a queen, after all.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too Busy To Blog

No worries. We're alive.
We just play so hard, we pass out.