Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Schoolyard Brawl - Toddler Style

Bella has an ongoing issue with a little girl she calls "Mad Girl."

It started when the little girl was swinging (don't these things always start over a swing?) and Bella wanted a turn. Now, granted, I am getting Bella's version of this which makes her out to be the kind, generous playground angel.

Bella says she asked the girl if she could swing, the girl said "No!" and pushed her. With her feet. While swinging. Sounds to me like Bella was standing in front of her and just happened to be in the way of simple swinging procedure preceded by an emphatic "No!" to her request.

However, Bella has since called her Mad Girl. She mentions her every day that she's gone to the playground.

Yesterday, she said that she yelled at Mad Girl. I asked what was said.

"I told her she's not friendly and I AM FRIENDLY!"

We apparently have to work on tone and delivery when one is supposed to be more friendly than her opponent.

I find it very interesting that, like her mother, early on Bella prefers friendships with boys as opposed to girls. She says her best friends are Mitchell and Gavin. She does have a little friend and cousins who are girls but for some reason at school she has boy pals. And what's funny is that everything about Bella screams Uber Girly! The apple didn't fall far from that tree.

I'm just trying to find enough excuses to beg out of another Girls Night Out tomorrow evening.

I am friendlier than YOU!!!


louann said...

The excitement of having a pre-schooler :)

tallulah said...

Hahahaha! I seriously think Izzy and Bella were long lost twins!

Too cute!

Jennboree said...

I know, T! Can you imagine our two off playing together in the little world they created together? I'm sure they'd have their own language.

T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO... I am sure she was standing very nicely and politely... in her way when she just as nicely and kindly asked her to get off the swing and said "Mad Girl" (VEYR funny name btw) just happened to accidently use her for leverage for a higher swing count... right? The thought of two three year olds going at it on the play ground cracks me up. Bella is so cute, I love how she came up with the "Mad Girl."

Dr. J said...

I can see the comic strip now: Bella the Playground Sweetie versus ... MAD GIRL!

I love it!