Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lil' Miss Manners

We are all about good manners that are age appropriate. For example, I will accept a "yes" over a "yeah" any day. We encourage the "yes ma'ams" and "no sirs" but won't enforce it until Bella's older. For now we are content to be that little reminder voice she hears but doesn't register.

However, I do wonder what the etiquette is with strangers on a few things.

Like during checkout yesterday, Isabella asked Mary the Clerk how old she is. When the lady either ignored her question or honestly didn't hear her, Bella asked again, loudly.

Was I supposed to hush her? Wouldn't it be a bit absurd to tell a 3 yr old that she can ask another child how old he/she is but not a grownup?

When Ava's cruising around she tends to grab onto anyone or anything in her path. That often means she's grabbing the knees or purses of others. I try to allow babies (even other people's) to explore as much as they want as long as no one is getting hurt or bothered. Containing a 10 1/2 month old for 60 minutes is ridiculously impossible otherwise.

Is this inconsiderate of others who may not think Ava's the most adorable ladybug in the universe? Crazy thought, but I guess it could happen.

I do teach Bella to be thankful and loving. Today was our last day of gym class so she finger painted a picture for Mr. Jeremy, her teacher. We rolled it up, wrapped a pretty ribbon around it and Bella presented it with great enthusiasm and a touch of bashfulness this morning.

Isabella is very good at thanking people when they hold doors open for us or when we leave a store. She thanks everyone, in fact, assuming they all live there and we'll see them next go around.

What do you expect from your child(ren) whatever their age at present? Is there anything you consider yourself a stickler on?


Anonymous said...

TJ is so good at saying please and thank you, especially "No, thank you" when he does not care to have or do something. The only problem is that he says "No, thank you" to things he has no choice in doing, like brushing his teeth.

With CR, I'm constantly working on getting him to make a request in a pleasant tone of voice, with a "please" in there somewhere. He will do it, but with constant reminders. He would rather be a whiny demander all day than go for the "attracting more flies with honey" bit.

theAdelmans said...

yes, all i want is for my children to be well mannered, tactful and gracious. not asking too much...;-) the one thing that really bugged me was when the girls were itty-bitty and other kids would get too close and (gasp) get their dirty piggies in l and m's mouth. ewwwwwwwwwwwww. and the parents would be right there, not doing anything about it! so i am really careful when we are around other babies, that is that last thing a new parent should have to worry about. i think you may have blogged about this a while ago.....

The King's Mama said...

Stickler-ing? Yes, there's no biting of my toosh allowed. Does that stop him? No. But, that's the rule.

Given that my kid insisted that he was too big or too cool to sit in his stroller yesterday and so in the process of getting under this woman's feet, he face-planted to the floor? No, clearly I am terrible with rules as a parent.

But, more seriously, I think your logic makes sense. If people mind a baby grabbing their skirts to hold herself upright, they aren't really very worthwhile people, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids (yet), but just wanted to say that neither of those things would bother me AT ALL. Even on my grumpiest day I think a kidlet wandering aimlessly in my path, grabbing my purse/knees, asking personal questions or making noise in a restaurant is TOTALLY fine.

Would it be super nice if they didn't ask personal or embarrasing questions? Sure. But I would never be offended, and would never think it's due to the parent's lack of diligence with teaching manners.

I HATE when adults ask me personal questions (When are you getting married? When are you having kids, you're not getting any younger ya know?), but still think it's cute when kids do it.

tallulah said...

Oh are so much better than me!
I would never in a "google of years" as Izzy puts it, expect my children to say "yes maam, and yes sir". I also understand that it's a cultural difference between the south and the BF nowhere of Mayberry where we live.
Bubby always thinks that I'm too lenient on what my children say or do to strangers, but I disagree. They are kids, they are learning and these are wonderful teaching moments (after the fact) on what's acceptable and what can be ignored.
You are doing a great job!