Monday, August 20, 2007

Tidbits n' Pieces

Happy Monday, All!

We've had an interesting last few days. First (second?) Ava's got her second tooth. Yay for her, boo for my boobies. We are going to have a serious talk about her knawing habit.

Our little love gave us a bit of a scare last week. She ran a high fever for several days with no other symptoms other than vomiting a good sippie cup's worth the morning we took her to the doctor. Because of the results fo her 9 month anemia test coming back low, the doc was concerned and rushed bloodwork at the lab. Ava is fine and probably had a virus but is okey-doke to continue her mama knawing.

While at the ped's office (one of Bella's favorite places on Earth), Bella wowed the doc with her lack of doctor fear and endless chattiness. I never interfere (ie. save the doc) from her verbal spewing because it is cute and fun to watch someone else get an earful.

Bella: "Soooooo, doctor, do I get a sucker because I am really REALLY good?"

Doc: "Sure, honey! What color would you like?"

Bella: (pause) "Mmmm, I think I don't know which one to choose, so I should have TWO suckers."

Ha! She picked a pink one (of course) and a blue one (Daddy's favorite color).

Since we were actually there for Ava, the doctor began to examine my very unhappy short one. Have I mentioned that Ava's scream could shatter glass? The examination room surely had shatter-proof windows.

As Ava and the doctor wrestled with the stethescope, Bella began singing and swinging her leg around: "Youuuuu are not listening to meeeeeeee. Noooooo, youuuuuuu are not listening to meeeeeeeee."

Psshhh. We pay our pediatrician to LISTEN, you know.

That was a long day for everyone though a pretty good one for Isabella :)


Have you SEEN the new show on NickJr? It is something ridiculous like Yo Gabba Gabba. More like Holy Crappa Crappa. Seriously? With all the children's shows out there, you had to pick this one to add to your morning lineup? Perhaps it is meant to deter children from watching television. That makes total sense. When my own 3 yr old begins cleaning up her toys rather than watch TV, you know it is bad. Maybe NickJr is GENIUS.


Would you like to make a fast and delicious dessert to impress everyone who knows you and those who wish they did? Well, I have the boxed dessert for you! It is by Krusteaz and they are pecan bars. My beloved sister turned me on to them and I amazed everyone with my incredible baking skills Saturday night. The most difficult part of the entire process was my husband prying them from my hands to take to the party.


Hope you all had a great weekend! Have I told you lately how much I like you?


tallulah said...

Had a good weekend.
Went shoe shopping for the kids :(
Grilled a fabulous dinner :)
Went to a summer concert and watched Izzy dance his heart out :)
Had friends come over with their 6 week old baby :)
Tatoo is healing...ick :(

Glad to hear everything is okay with your little one. Scary isn't it?

louann said...

Glad little Ava is doing OK already. We had a bit of a scare and a trip to the ER with DAsh as well.

Katrina said...

Way to go on that second tooth, Ava! Your momma has lasted much longer than me on the nursing train. Caleb bit me twice, the second time so hard I think they heard me yell in Arkansas, and the next thing he found in his mouth was a bottle! I'm sure you two can come to some agreement, though.

Bella, you are so cute! Here's a tip for you: not only can you get two of whatever treat you're being offered by feigning indecision, now that you have a baby sister, you can ask for an EXTRA one for her! (And we both know she'll never know the difference if she doesn't get it...)

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Fevers aren't fun.
I love the word BOOB, my friend and I accidently said the word BOOB way too loudly and the guys FULL ON STARED for at least 5 mins with smiles as we walked by, strollers and all.

Bella is a smarty!

And, I can't access my e-mail account for some stupid reason. FYI.....

Amanda Sue said...

yum.... krusteaz. with coconut.

which ones were better - with or without?

MeesheMama said...

Thank goodness Ava is OK.

Anyway, to answer your question from my blog, the weaning of the "chooch" happened somewhat accidentally. My husband thought we'd discussed it, which is why he had a long talk with K about how if he was going to sleep in a big bed now he had to not sleep with his beloved chooch anymore. Then he took it away and K cried his heart out and begged to sleep in the playpen. I was floored, because the discussion from my memory went: "So when K gets his toddler bed, do you think we should take away the chooch?" "Yeah, maybe. That's one idea." It was too late to argue though after he and hubby already had "the talk." But it only took a week or so for him to go to sleep quickly at night without it. Naptimes are harder, but he only asks for it now when he's feeling really fragile or tired or uncomfortable. It was one of the hardest and most heartbreaking things I've ever done with him. but I'm glad it's over.

Don't worry. Bella will get over her dependency sooner or later. I know you've tried many things, so I won't add to your stack of advice. All I can say is don't worry. Really. One day it will happen.

Sorry this was eternal....

Jennboree said...

Thank you, Meesh. We've pretty much concluded we'll have to "lose" the darn thing. Bella is far too good at compromising in her favor :)

At least I know she can sleep a full night without it. For months we've been taking it out of her mouth after she's asleep but now we have to just kick the habit altogether so she knows she doesn't have to have it to doze off.

So glad the torture is over for you and Kindred!