Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First Impression

Yesterday while chatting with hubby on the phone, holding my darling baby girl as she giggled and played with my precious 3 year old, I felt the vibration of a blood-curdling scream erupting from my tiniest tot. Before I could blink, Bella was screaming and running out of the room holding onto her butt.


Because of the indentions she put on her sister's thumb with her teeth.

After an eternally long 3 minute time-out in her room, I asked Bella why on Earth she bit her sister. Very matter-of-fact, she replied, "I wanted to watch Little Mermaid, Mama."

Not the way to go about it, my dear.


T-girl said...

OMG! I am dying laughing! Don't you just love thier logic? I mean come on, everyone bites their sister to watch Little Mermaid Mama! Geez, get with the program why don't you!!!!!!

Amanda Sue said...

that is how i get what i want. maybe she learned it from me?

tallulah said...

Why is it that everything is calm and peaceful until you put a phone next to your ear? Children can hone in to the "I'm not available I'm on the phone" vibe from a mile away!