Friday, July 25, 2008

Toddler Tidbits

Bella and Ava come into the bathroom where I've just showered and they are happily munching cheese pizza.

Me: Girls, you need to eat in the kitchen like normal people.

Bella, in a rather high-pitched tone: Mom, we aren't normal.



Way too obsessive.

Bella: Mom, do I have babies in my tummy?

We've had this conversation numerous times yet she never seems to get tired of it.

Me: No, sweetie, you may have babies one day but after you fall in love and get married.

Bella: Well, I want to marry Mitchell because you married Daddy. But me and Mitchell will live with you. And we'll have six babies.

She pauses for a moment, then chuckles and says: That's going to be ALOT of diapers for six babies.

Oh, Love, you don't even know.


The next day she brings it up...again.

Bella, whispering with hand to her mouth: Gabyn (Gavyn) wants to marry me but I want to marry Mitchell.

Me: *sigh*

Bella: So Gabyn can marry Ava. And they will have two babies. I'm going to have six babies. Sarah, Alan, Ann, Eemy (I don't know), Lala (is she bored now?) and Ivan (the painter's name).

Me: Those are great names. But how about you just be a little girl for now and enjoy having friends to play with?

Bella: Okay. But then I'll marry Mitchell and we'll live with you and Daddy. And Mitchell's mommy can live in her house but she will help take care of the babies.

SERIOUSLY, child. Let's move on or you're going straight to an all girl's school.


Name that tune!

This is Ava's favorite song of the week: Mehwee Hada Leul Lamp


Katrina said...

Heehee...I love the preoccupation with being a mommy. Consider it a compliment. You must make it look really fun! :)

MeesheMama said...

Elias calls it "A Lyammy Song", all about Mary and her favorite friend who's unfairly banned from school.

Great stories.

Amanda Sue said...

i love that they are going to live with YOU. nice.

tallulah said...

My kids never talk about how many babies they are going to have or who they are going to marry. After a big family....things that are mentioned are
1. I'm never going to have kids
2. I'm never going to get married
3. What's that word that priests are? sebiget? Oh! Celibate! That's what I want to be.