Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Do, But We Don't...But We Do!

That is what it is like if you know about us and our home.

Once again, we have decided to hold off placing the house on the market. Other than the fact that real estate has tanked more dramatically than the Titanic, we are nearing the end of summer and still too many projects (ie. crap) to deal with.

It isn't like we have to move. We just want to. However, if we are going to move it will be to another city at least an hour east of here. That means leaving friends, school, little gym, our favorite restaurants, etc. (oh come on, you have favorite restaurants too!)

Friends and loved ones have been hearing this song and watching this dance for years. I'm sure they are all rolling their eyes, throwing up their hands and ordering an extra margarita. Okay, maybe just Amanda is. (cheers, sis!)

We are in an extremely blessed situation and we have to make the best decisions because of it. Want and need are very different, ya know?

I'm disappointed, I won't lie. I've had dreams of living elsewhere for awhile. However, everything in life happens for a reason and in due time. For now, I'll practice patience, continue with the projects (ie. crap) and let Bella enjoy another year of preschool with her friends.

Who knows, maybe I'll even relax and enjoy this blessed situation! Hubby would be speechless.


cori said...

Oh how I can relate! The thought of moving is alway so enticing...but the market pretty much turns that dream into a nightmare right now, doesn't it?! I often osculate between contentment and desire as well. I think you're totally normal - either that, or we're both totally weird! :)

Katrina said...

I hope your dream of new digs comes true for you next year. You never know what your circumstances will be then! And those photos are adorable!

Amanda Sue said...

i'm sorry - did you just give me a legit reason to have a margarita??? even though it isn't even 9am ?!?

my sister, she does love me!

T's Pink Gloves said...

Awe, look at that little belly welly! I want to... clean it! LMAO We painted last night and I have to say, your results appear to be much cleaner then ours, I only have one and I still ended up with a floor (where we paint) and child of varing colors. God bless Crayola washables, what did our poor mothers DO before those wonderful things became washable! LOL

Awe, the housing delemia! I have the same issue to be honest, what do you do? I am personally just trying to do the same and to be honest it is not that hard. Counting my blessings makes it much easier, but some days, some days I yearn for a place where I can just be a face in the crowd and find a job a bit easier!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

I can hardly believe how big Ava is! I can remember reading posts about your nervous anticipation of a C-Section!!

We are also in the "wow the market is doing weird things" situation. Waiting out another year. Choosing to make the most of a small space!!

tallulah said...

I hear you sister! We have wanted to move for many years from this Mayscary, um...I mean Mayberry kind of existence.....but the housing market does suck the mighty one right now.
Good for you for finding your happy place!