Friday, August 29, 2008

From Fee To Fowa.

Best advice I've heard about parenting?

If you want to know how you are doing as a parent, listen to how your children speak to you and others.

So very true. While my girls have picked up a little drama from their mama (and Daddy!) they are also very loving, kind and funny.

Oh, and an older mom of 20-something girls told my husband that the hardest and most important ages for raising girls are 11 and 14. Interesting, dontcha think?


Thursday was Bella's first day of preschool. It was a completely different scene than last year when she went to school.

We ran out of time for breakfast so there is her Cheerios in a cup. First bump in the road and all of that was on the floor. Good one, Mom.

This is Bella attempting to smile at the camera but being distracted by all her friends headed into the school. Naturally.

Did she cry? No way. In fact, she didn't even say goodbye to me! Many parents might have had their feelings hurt but I was thrilled that she was more excited to be there than sad to leave me.

Who did cry? Ava. She didn't like leaving her sister there one bit.

But she got over it rather quickly.

I really didn't do anything productive in that 5 1/2 hours Bella was in school. And at 2:15, all the mothers were lined up to pick up their big little people. One mom joked that by May, we'll all be scrambling to get there by 2:30. So true!

I'm cool with preschool. It is the big "K" of next year that makes my heart leap out of my throat and slap me.

Did your kids start school this week?


T's Pink Gloves said...

Sigh, I want to send Joci to school this year SO bad but money being what it is, not seeing that happening. I am PRAYING I get a job soon so she can go but if not, I guess she will start next year. Kind of a bummer but one year is not going to hurt her.

Seriously though,the pictures are adorable and SO true about the 2.30 thing. LOL

Just saying "hi" as I have been MIA for ages, seriously I got on my blog tonight and went "huh? that can't be right!" I swear it was only like two weeks!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

I love the princess smile!

We are having another boy and I have to say I am still not ready for girls.....although they look like so much fun!