Monday, August 25, 2008

Toddler Tidbits

Bella, stretching out after a long nap: "Daddy, I need some lotion. My back is KILLING ME."

Some grownups need to keep their drama in check.


Me, rocking Ava at 1:30am after she woke up howling and is now ready to play: "Baby, why aren't you sleepy?"

Ava: "Becuss."

Because. Did she warp speed to teen-speak in the wee hours?


Bella with her ever present obsession with marriage: "Mommy, can I wear your wedding dress when I get married? And can I put roses on it to make it prettier?"

Sure, babe. You might also want to get it dry-cleaned or just cut the bottom half off since I never did. An outdoor wedding and a total (but awesome!) dive jazz cafe reception leave many memories on silk.

*I recently found out that my child isn't the only pining away for love. Her friend Paige, quite the tomboy I thought, has declared that Gavyn is her "true love". Gag away, my friends*


This morning we were talking about Bella's friend, Rebecca, who broke her arm last week. I told Bella she'd need to be gentle with Rebecca while she healed.

Dr. Isabella said: "When everyone breaks their arm it doesn't hurt because their mommy puts a piece of paper around it and hangs it on their shoulder till they get bettah."

Yes, my little Texan has a bit of a Boston accent. For no reason at all.


News From Down Under...

If your child has an inexplicably bright blue bowel movement, check the color sidewalk chalks for bite marks.


Katrina said...

Hahaha! I was already chuckling at the adorable Bella-and-Ava-isms, and then the sidewalk chalk public service announcement totally did me in! I take it that's personal experience talking? LOL!

Jennboree said...

Oh, yes. Blue doo happened twice. My husband was convinced it was crayon, but this was all consistently creepy blue, not crayon bits. Then as I was cleaning their playroom, I ran across a few bright blue chewed upon chalks. Mystery solved!

Kids are strange creatures.

cori said...

Don't worry about Bella and her preoccupation with marriage - Chloe is the exact same way (or maybe we should both worry - I don't know :)...). Anyways...she's already requested a bride cake for her 5th birthday and a bride b-day party. Uh...I didn't have one of those until I turned 23...and I actually had a real live husband...not a pretend one.

I've got to agree with Katrina - the public service announcement about the blue chalk is priceless!!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Ha! Hilarious. And we don't even pay you for this stuff. My favourite is the teenage 2am lingo. LOVE IT!

Jennifer said...

These were absolutely hilarious. I have a Bostonian in my house too, only she is 6 and has suddenly developed a noticeable lisp. Weird, since everyone in my family is from'd expect a drawl, but this is just odd :)

Anyway, to easily answer your questions about "Why home school", you'd have to read these posts, then give me your email address so that I give you more details!

Jennboree said...

Wow, Jennifer, the reason you are homeschooling isn't what I expected at all! I love that you have listened to your son's wants and needs.