Monday, September 08, 2008

Hangin In Possum Kingdom

So, if you are from Texas (particularly Northwest), you may know what Possum Kingdom is. If not, then it probably sounds pretty gross. Who wants to hang out with a bunch of possum? They all end up as roadkill anyway.

Or you may think the above even if you are Texan, like me.

Possum Kingdom, I found this summer, is an absolutely gorgeous lake surrounded by cliffs and rolling hillsides. There are possums, but only the sneaky ones who come in the night to dig up our aunt's beautiful lawn. She has one of the spectacular homes on the cliffs. To get to the dock, you are basically walking at a 30 degree angle down the cliff to a limestone rock lake. Quite a workout when you add a kid or two in your arms.

I give the wonderful description to say that NONE OF THAT MATTERS. I still got completely freaked out about the water. Lake water gives me the willies. (Did I mention Willie Nelson has a home on the cliffs too?) No matter, once my big toe dipped into the clear as a lake can be water, my heart started pounding and I swear a piranha or dead body was waiting for me in there.

However, my oldest child couldn't get enough of the lake. She flung herself in from the boat, from the dock, from the jetski. She even begged her dad to let her jump off the 15 foot high deck atop the dock. Eh, no.

Ava hated the boat. The wind. That dang life jacket. So she napped on the boat. The entire time!

But she was quite happy to be on dry land. Like her mama.

I thank you, Possum Kingdom, for showing us your beauty and allowing my Isabella to find her adventurous side. Ava may find it next year. Or she may be more like her mother than we already know.

Bella Moment at the lake's restaurant:

She was completely baffled why anyone would chop off a deer's head and hang it on the wall.

We fielded questions for an entire evening over it. Husband's solution? He told her that the deer was just so beautiful when it was alive that when the deer died, they hung it on the wall to show everyone its beauty. She accepted the answer but still didn't understand why the entire deer couldn't jut out from the wall.

Can we get a distraction over here, please?


Katrina said...

Ha! My husband shares your sentiments about water sports, but I love swimming in the lake! We grew up camping and swimming around a great variety of lakes in the South (and you can't even see through the water there because of all that red clay!) Now that we live near the most beautiful lake in Idaho, I'm a happy girl. :) I need to get my kids some swimming lessons, though. Too late this year, maybe next!

Maggie said...

I thought I was the only person afraid of dead bodies in the water. I hate swimming in the deep water!

Your girls are adorable, as always

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Awwwww I love the little chubby feet picture.

Are you ok with pools?

Creative - tell her there aren't nails big enough to hang a whole deer up, only the head. Although Daddy gets 4.5/5 for his story! ha ha.

Have been meaning to e-mail you with toddler bed tricks for when Ava wants to get those car keys from you.....once I can get my head out of this pregnancy fog I will!

Jennboree said...

Oh, I love pools! And the long as I can see what I'm swimming with.

Not to offend any hunters but hubby was just trying to think of the simplest way to explain what we consider a rather bizarre tradition of hanging dead animals on walls. Can you imagine her confusion if there'd been a deer butt nailed to the wall next to it? I've seen it...SO WEIRD.