Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey, Kids, Let's Be Tacky Today!

I like to think I'm a good influence on my kids. So last Friday I dashed all hopes of it. We crashed a birthday party at McDonalds. Oh yes we did!

The girls were promised a 1/2 hour at the indoor playground at McDonalds if they behaved that morning as we ran errands (which they loathe). We get there and I see a new mom friend that I met at my friend's Girls Day Out a month or so ago.

Turns out she was there having an impromptu birthday party for her 5 year old since Hurricane Ike was about to release his wrath on Texas and spoil her son's original fishing party.

Because she's super nice, she of course asked us to sit with them. Well, that rolled into snagging a couple of cupcakes, singing happy birthday (Bella met the boy once before) and walking away with two goody bags!

Needless to say, I feel a bit guilty. Perhaps we should've just gone to a corner table to eat and play on our own. But how could we when Bella's BFF showed up to celebrate too? I tried to politely duck out of all the mom's generous offerings, but didn't want to be a pill about it either.

So I guess we'll pay it forward. Somehow. For now, my girls think going to McDonald's is the best idea EVER and want to try every day to see if another kid is having a party.



Katrina said...

Haha! That's awesome! I wouldn't feel too guilty. You were invited, after all, even if it was a tad impromptu!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Ha! I bet it would have made the other mom feel terrible to see you sitting by yourself.

Now I want to go to McDonalds. Sniff.

cori said...

Sounds to me like you've tried this were way to good at it. :) Gotta love those coincidences!

Jennboree said...

Hey, T! I've missed you, friend.