Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is The End Near?

I'm hugely pregnant now. With three weeks to go, I could not be more uncomfortable or have worse heartburn. I must have been completely jaded with pregnancy number one because it was full of sunshine, hearts and flowers. This time around I feel like an ogre that swallowed a small boulder.

During both pregnancies, I've done pretty well keeping emotions in check. I didn't want to be one of THOSE pregnant women who cry or freak out at every little thing. Even my husband is grateful.

Today after dropping off Bella at school, I decided to get her some much needed new shoes. Walking around now is about as fun as shoving a mascara stick into my eye, but shopping is definitely easier to do without a toddler wandering off every two seconds.

I go to a store and find a great deal on a diaper bag (upgrading from cute n' little to giant) so I take it with me to the shoe dept. They are having a 50% off sale on toddler shoes! How exciting is that? I see the sales lady and she says "Yes?" No "hello" or even "screw off". I ask her to find the match to the shoe I found and she goes to get it without a word. Such a sweetheart.

When she starts to check out my items and notes that the diaper bag doesn't have a tag. Asks me what it cost, I tell her, she obviously thinks I"m a liar cuz she calls the department. No one answers.

She looks at me and says "There's no tag and no one is in the department to verify."

I glance over to that department, which is all of 30 feet away, then look back at her and ask "So, do you want ME to go to the dept and get another bag?"

She repeats her sentence of no tag, no one in the dept to verify.

Okay, is it me or does she have an attitude?

I'm a non-confrontational person. I HATE CONFRONTATION of any sort, unless it involves my child.

Maybe because I'm pregnant and it feels as if the baby in my belly could reach out and flip off the salesperson herself, or maybe because it was shoes for my child...I kinda lost it.

Face flushed, tears jumping to my eyes, I snapped at her "Well, you've had an attitude since I got here. I don't appreciate your tone or your lack of assistance!"

She immediately said she didn't have an attitude. Sorry, wrong thing to say to a hormonal customer.

I grabbed the bag and the shoes, told her that I HOPE she has a better day for the other customers' sake, then stormed off, tattling to another salesperson who helped me check out.

I feel really stupid for the outburst (oooh, check out the giant bellied woman going ballistic!) but I also feel that if you are going to work in customer service, at least pretend you give a damn, even if your personal life has gone down the sewer. NOT my problem.


MomSquared said...

Oh! She was being a jerk! Why would she even ask how much the thing cost if she was going to check anyway? And then why didn't she check! Sheesh!

Maggie said...

wow, amazing! most retail clerks are falling over themselves to help pregnant women. Not to mention the (wanted or not) comments on how big you are and questions about due date and gender. That chick definately had an attitude, but you handled it way better than some. I would have asked for the manager and then after I told him what happened I would NOT buy the stuff. (at least until later, or send my hubby back for it)

Amanda Sue said...

when she said that she didn't have an attitude, i would have said "OH? so you're like this ALL THE TIME???"

man, why didn't you call me real quick to get some snappy comebacks?

Jennboree said...

Sorry, sis...didn't call you cuz I was about to fall forward with exhaustion from walking around the stupid mall in the first place. They need pregnancy scooters.

Plus, my mini-spew is about as vicious as I can get in person. If i could've EMAILED her, it would've gotten ugly. Real ugly.

tallulah said...

I'm glad you took your merchandise elsewhere. The last thing you want is for that rude woman to get a commission on your stuff.

And cmon! Only three weeks left to go? You have to show us a belly picture!

MeesheMama said...

I LOVE the idea of pregnancy scooters!

I'm sure you're looking forward to the day when you can put the "boulder" down on the bed and walk away. Honestly, I feel like it's a whole new world. 25+ pounds lighter? Wee-hoo! Hang in there. The day is coming.

OddMix said...

What a jerk! I would have called for a manager right there. In fact, I would have picked up the STORE phone next to her register and called for a manager.

Hope you are feling better today.

jes said...

I'm bad with snappy comebacks - I would have had to call two days later with some retort.

maybe writing to the store manager would make you feel better?