Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Whole Lot of Everything

For the curious, this is what she looked like at the end of Day One. The result of no nap because that was just too bizarre for her. Fifteen kids all spread over the floor on nap mats? What an oddity! No comfy bed with Mama's ear to rub? Outrageous!

Day Two went better but still no nap. That day, the teachers caught on that Bella and Mitchell are "an item". In their words...the kids hooked up. Ha! When I picked up Bella, she was not ready to go, certainly not without Mitchell and asked Cathleen (Mitchell's mother) "Won't you please get Mitchell fo me?" Then they walked out of the school holding hands.

Being so cute, we thought perhaps they wanted to play at Mitchell's house. Um. Bad call. They both whined, griped and sounded like a couple who'd been married for 60 years. Finally, when Mitchell wouldn't stop chasing my screecher with a toy drum, we called it a day. Bella fell asleep on her Daddy's lap at 6pm and didn't wake until 6am the next morning!

She does love school though we talk about school naps daily. It is her obsession to figure it out, I guess. She will lay on her "nap map" at home, telling herself to stay on the mat, then telling herself she's not tired anymore and gets up. An all day ritual. But at least she acknowledges its existence, right?

Her Aunt Amanda and cousin Dillon came to visit on Friday. Bella was uber excited! She absolutely worships my sister and loves to love on Dillon, though this time she didn't like sharing him so much with HER aunt. Dillon is a beautiful (hey, I can say it!), smart and funny boy with the friggin cutest laugh you ever heard! I was sad to see them leave on Sunday, but happy cuz they'll be here in a month to visit with baby Ava. Perhaps the new baby will convince them to move here.

In Other News...

Saturday, someone stole a huge potted caladium from our front porch.

Yeah. How absurd is that?? It really upset my husband because it was from the funeral of his sweet cousin, Rebecca, who died last year at age 19 of Cystic Fibrosis.

I was just pissed. Those people thought they were simply taking some freebie plant that someone else nurtured and grew. However, it caused tremendous sadness in my home and that is unforgiveable.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.

Read that once in the Cheers & Jeers section of our newspaper. How appropriate to curse someone with who steals your plant, right?

More News...

Went to an aunt's house yesterday for a family dinner. They are raising their nearly 3 yr old granddaughter. For some unknown reason, the humidifier was on the floor of her room. It was on and had steam coming from the top. My two year old decided to check it out with her hand. The drama that ensued lasted all day, all night and up until drop-off at school. I've decided to forgive it as a mistake and oversight. My husband is having a harder time forgiving. Bella's alright except for when her thumb passes her face and she sees the blister once again. That happens frequently.

Tomorrow's News...

I'll be giving an update tomorrow, for sure. Bella is having dental surgery on three teeth she grinded down to nearly nothing. Apparently, about 25% of kids grind for no reason other than the discomfort of other teeth coming in. She stopped the grinding at about 18 months, but we had to wait for her teeth to completely come in before we could do anything to them.

Needless to say, we are freaking out. It will take 45 minutes to complete and she will have to go under with vapor anesthesia. I KNOW that kids have this type of anesthesia all the time but this is my child we're talking about! We don't have a choice though and really need to protect her teeth since they'll be in her mouth a good 4 more years. Kinda like our President, we're stuck with what we've got for now. Ha, lame joke, I know.

That's all I've got for now but it is plenty. I need a nap.


MomSquared said...

That is a lot of news!

I love how Bella is taking her time digesting this whole napping-at-school concept.

tallulah said...

I know it's hard not to worry, but the vapor really is easy on the kids. Bella's teeth will be good as new!

Amanda Sue said...

haha! telling herself to lay down on her nap mat. what a cutie!

i LOVEDLOVEDLOVED my visit, and i miss you guys so much!

give that sweet girl a kiss from cousin Dillon!

Shoshana said...

That picture is adorable. Especially in contrast with the one before that. :)