Friday, September 29, 2006

Things I've Learned This Pregnancy

Well, people...Monday is the big day. That is, if little one doesn't decide to put a rush on her entrance into the world, but so far it appears she is lazy and wants the doc to evict her from my premises. We go in at 9am for pre-op and then the surgery is scheduled at noon. I could not be more ready! Three weeks ago, I was freaking out, now I just want her out!

This has been a very interesting pregnancy and it is true that every pregnancy is different. I've learned a few things this year (yep, because I've been pregnant since day ONE of this year!) and I'd like to share. If you are a man, be wary...

1) With a first pregnancy, your body tries to hold it all together like a pretty, tightly wrapped package. With a second pregnancy, your body no longer gives a crap and everything just goes where it wants. I did not know that a fetus could kick you nearly all the way around to your back.

2) A head in the pelvic area is FAR different than a tiny butt. Bella was breech, this baby is very obvious to me...NOT.

3) A first pregnancy brings great excitement and interest to others as well as concern for your well-being. A second does not. It is old hat to you now, right? Pshaw. Why should anyone be concerned that you are chasing a toddler while bulging with baby and your feet look like tree trunks?

4) With a second pregnancy, you have far less patience. Maybe because I'm already a mama bear, but I've snapped a few heads off this time around whereas I was a peach when pregnant with Isabella. NO, do not put both your hands on my belly and ask if "it" is moving, you nosey stinky waitress.

5) After nursing for 19 1/2 months and preparing to ride that rollercoaster again, it is noticeable how very National Geographic those poor abused milkers are. Thank goodness for Miracle Bras cuz it'll be a miracle how these will survive another year.

So what are the similarities to a first pregnancy?


My family and I are very excited to meet this brand new little being. What will she look like? Isabella is such an incredible mix of my husband and I, we can't even begin to picture this baby's face. How big or little will she be? Bella was sooooo tiny at 5lbs, 6oz when she left the hospital. Is she going to be completely different than her big sister or similar in personality? Is she going to be timid or even more strong-willed and lively than her big sis? (if so, UH OH)

We are blessed beyond comparison and though Monday will be scary with surgery and delivery, recovery will be longer and probably harder, the reward is another perfect little creation of love. Seeing my husband's traits in my children, whether in looks or personality, makes my heart soar with great joy and love for him all over again.



Guru said...

I wish you the best of luck and an easy birth on Monday. I hope all goes perfectly!

MomSquared said...

#3 is especially pronounced when your first pregnancy is with twins and your second is a singleton. The excitement of boy/girl twins is a hard act to follow, I guess.

Good luck on Monday! I can't wait to see your posts after baby is born!

tallulah said...

My thoughts will be with you on Monday. Isabella & baby#2 are so lucky to have a Mom like you! Take a big breath, enjoy and I'll be waiting anxiously to hear from you soon!

Kelly said...

Best wishes to you and your family.

May you have a safe delivery and quick recovery.

I can't wait to see the pics!

MeesheMama said...

Wow, comin' up quick! (Not quick enough, I know.) I completely concede all your points about pregnancy #2. (But you likely already know that.) My thoughts will be with you on Monday, and I can't wait to see the lovely outcome.

(If you think your chaos is perfect now...)

I'm Just a Girl said...

Hi Jenn, just got done catching up on your blog and I love it! Congrats on the new lil' peanut and hope to read the updates soon!

Amanda Sue said...

nesting. OH, the nesting!

and itchy stretched out skin.

and fluid retention.

all worthwhile, given the outcome. i am praying for you big sis! i cannot wait to meet this little one!

Trinity13 said...

I totally agree with #4...I have no patience this time around. But I only have 3 more weeks to go!

Btw, I will def keep you in my prayers that the surgery will go smoothly and that you will birth a health little baby!

Princess21 said...

I will be saying a prayer for you today! I am so excited for you!!!!

Can't wait to see this baby girl of yours!!!

Oh....and thank you for sharing this pregnancy with us! It has been a joy!! :)

koyama said...

All the best on your big day! Happy birthday little baby bug!

You must post pics!

Ben said...

Hope all went well!

OddMix said...

I hope all went well. Come visit us soon... and bring pictures!

Shoshana said...

I hope you have your baby girl now.

I understand about less excitment. Still, something about hearing the first always gets me. I get excited and wear grin on my face all day!

I also get more overwhelmed by pregnancy 6, but they're all worth it all.