Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So there was this pop star...

What do Michael Jackson and K-Mart have in common? They both have little boys' pants half off.


Please hold your applause. Or disgust. Whichever.

Let me just say that those jurors must've had a hard time NOT convicting the alien who used to be Michael Jackson. Did you hear their responses to questions? They obviously don't think he didn't molest boys...they just couldn't convict him on the evidence/testimony or lack thereof. So it was a total waste of the prosecution's time and taxpayers' money.

And did you SEE the freaks waiting outside the courthouse? Totally playing up to the cameras. Supportive of Jackson? Yeah, sure. Wanting TV time? You betcha. And the white doves released as each count was read as not guilty. *gag*

Some think Jackson will make a comeback. Well, he can certainly try. I will never buy another album though. If his song comes on, I'll change the station. Because, though he was found to be innocent in this trial, it was not due to a jury thinking he isn't guilty...they just didn't have enough to convict him. And in raising my daughter, I would never forgive myself for contributing one bit to Jackson's bank account if it ever does come to light that he did what many have always thought he did.

Sad, really. I loved the King of Pop as a kid. Had the silver glove and everything. But I can't believe the massive support he gets from other countries now. Are we blind or are they?

The end of my rant. Thank you.


Amanda Sue said...

sadly, i still like his old music and cannot refrain from singing along:

wanna be startin' sumthin'
gotsta be startin' sumthin

you're a vegetable
you're a vegetable

mama se, mama sa, ma ma coo sa
mama se, mama sa, ma ma coo sa

ah... great lyrics.

Jennboree said...

Hmmm...not very nice to call people names. Though apparently, Billie Jean is still not his lover.

Melinda said...

No...no...no...the best is:

"Can you feel it...
Can you feel it...
Can you feel it...oeww!!
(dah dah dah-dah dah) (repeat for 6 measures)" And then repeat

Come on....dance...you know you wanna!!! :)
Yeah...he's a gross nasty....well you get the idea, and I will never buy anything...but if I already have it saved on my computer...does that count...:) I might have illegally obtained this copy!! :) But yeah, he's guilty...they just didn't want to see him in "any more pain." boo fickity hoo if you ask me!