Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Style Stupid

I'm probably going to sound like a grandmother now, but I totally don't get some of the fashion styles these days.

Example 1: The long sleeve Tee under the short sleeve Tee.

Did this trend start because some frat dudes hadn't done laundry in months but were dying to wear their favorite short sleeve tee in hopes it would help get them laid?

Example 2: Pants hanging mid-thigh, exposing boxers, briefs or whatever a guy's got goin on under his jeans for all to see

Was this a rebellion to the grandmothers who hounded them to pull their pants up? We get it. Now pull your pants up!

Example 3: Flared micro-minis

It is quite clear by the lack of length on these so called pieces of clothing that the girls wearing them must enjoy gusts of wind, walking upstairs in the mall or tempting fate that they won't trip and fall in front of their father.

Example 4: Hipster pants or skirts

The only people these look good on are the manequins that never bend over, sit or move. Everyone else just shows too much crack or belly flab. And in hipsters, everyone has belly flab.

Those are a few examples of the strange new trends. But most likely, they are merely stolen trends from other decades and just tweaked to look spankin' new...but old.

And could some of the boys sportin mops trying to achieve the 70's hair PLEASE get a haircut already??


Far Future Grandmother


Amanda Sue said...

yeah, i am not a fan of the moppy hair. surely that trend is going away though and will be replaced by the much-more-stylish chili-bowl.

Jennboree said...

Is that what I can expect to see in Dillon's one year pic?

Very Moe.

Melinda said...

That is too funny...so I guess that you won't like my brother's red hair "fro" that he has been sporting for about a year or so...:) He is a super white boy with flaming red poofy hair...he is a sight! :)

jes said...

i agree with all of these. funny! except, sometimes in college i was the epitome of example number one. tees with another long-sleeve tee underneath? i don't understand it either. but it never kept me from wearing it.

i'll have to ponder this one.

Amanda Sue said...

dillon might not have enough hair, but we are going to be very cool and try lots of hairstyles. and lots of kinds of clothes. maybe a longsleeved onsie with a shortsleeved onsie on top of it.

Jennboree said...


Michelle said...

who hasn't looked back at their childhood pictures and asked, "What the heck was Mom thinking?"
You don't want to deprive your children of the same experience, now, do you?

Melinda said...

i.e. Matching outfits for the entire family that were made by the almighty sewing machine...awww those were the days!

jes said...

sandals, with socks? have you been gazing upon images of Kevin Federline?