Monday, August 08, 2005

Don't Bug Me!

We just got back from the country, visiting my husband's grandparents. They live in a log house on a lot of land with cows, chickens, a drunk-sounding rooster and about 30 stray cats that keep breeding.

I love going to their house, I really do! However, this weekend I must've been far too detail oriented.

The log house has an extra bedroom built on the back. So when you are sleeping in there, it is a log wall on one side and wood paneling on the other. There's an air conditioner unit in the window with the little window filler thingies to keep out air and critters. Problem? Critters are crafty and find their way in. Between logs. In corners. Under lamp shades. Places they shouldn't be.

So I'm laying in bed taking a nap with my daughter when I notice a mud-dobber flying around. I know they won't hurt me or baby girl, but it is still a creature flying about my head with dangling legs and menacing eyes. Okay, I couldn't see its eyes, but I'm sure they were menacing.

I leap up and get my husband to kill it. He's a man, that's what they do. Jes has explained that to us. He kills it, I think, but can't find it. So I try to lay back down, but now I'm paranoid because there's possibly a half-dead leg dangler seeking revenge.

I finally fall asleep with Isabella curled up next to me. My hand is under the pillow and I feel something kinda gritty, like dirt. Gross, I think. I wipe it off and snooze some more. When I awaken, Isabella is next to me holding a dried up bug head! I yank up my pillow and there's more dried up bug parts! *gag*

Thankfully, we went home that day so no other sleeping was required in the bug romper room. I will, however, be requesting we stay in the bedroom built INSIDE the house next time. How I'll do that without offending anyone has yet to be determined.


Melinda said...

I so understand what you mean about the whole bug thing!! My problem is that the bugs like my house! :) And to be "nice" about staying in a different room I don't know how you would properly bring that up...but good luck to you on that one!! If anyone can do it right...I know that you are that woman! :)

Amanda Sue said...

HA! i can imagine bella FINDING the bug parts and holding them up for you.

this coordinates oddly with my dream from last night, and i hadn't even read your post yet! bella and i were eating bugs while you ironed all of my clothes.

Jennboree said...

Chocolate covered bugs at least? Ironing all your clothes...had you grown up to be a dad or somethin?

Amanda Sue said...

um, they were regular bugs, but bella and i were calling them "pistachios."

there were also some amusement park swimming pools around.

also, you have never emailed me back from yesterday. not the recipe one. the other one.

jes said...

sick. a) bugs don't belong in the house. they have lost their purpose in life once they left the outdoors. therefore, they must die. this is a credence that we all know well, and i that i must stick to.

b) children, especially those as cute as bella, just shouldn't be in the vicinity of dried up bug parts. the thought of her innocently holding up a dead, dried bug is horrific. i hope you got blackmail pictures for her teenage years.