Wednesday, January 18, 2006

#1 God

Who's God is best?

This is the question my husband and I are trying to find answers to in our quest to join a church this year. First, we have to figure out which denomination we agree most with. Have you SEEN how many there are in America? I found a book in our massive library collection that gave an overview of each denomination of Christianity in the US. There are at least 66, currently. Talk about daunting!

I would imagine that most Christians or other religious believers follow the path of that which they were raised. Or, they come from a backround that involved many denominatons within their family. Maybe one grandmother was Catholic, the other Southern Baptist, an aunt who's Non-denominational or the uncle who's just decided to believe nothing at all.

I've also observed that one has to be careful of the conversations or questions you may have concerning someone's particular denomination or personal beliefs. Get too in depth and you can step on toes or cross over into a gray area of understanding of their own church's doctrine.

So, we've decided to try different churches within several denominations over the next year. While we are Christians, neither of us wants to just attend a church as if only paying our dues to God. We want to find a church home, one that we can raise Isabella to be a part of because we truly want to be there, not because we're pressured to just go SOMEWHERE.

It is amazing when you really look into different churches' doctrine how the details can be quite extreme one way or another from what you really believe.

As New Year's Resolution, or perhaps more of a New Spiritual Resolution, we will begin our mission soon. Where we begin is beyond us. Maybe we'll just start with a prayer.


Michelle said...

We, too, had this same dilemma.
Hubby raised Baptist, I was raised Lutheran. I don't like the Lutheran church here, so we tried Baptist for a while. I couldn't handle the "invitation" at the end of every service. It made me feel like I was a bad person the way that they described people. So, we ended up at Grace, and have since become members. It's difficult to choose somewhere that will fit to what you want it to be, and at the same time give you the feeling you want to have when you leave church. Good luck on your journey! I'll pray with you!

s@bd said...

oooh ... good luck with that one.

we moved to our town over a year ago and are considering just starting our own church. seriously - it's easier.

heh heh.

Princess21 said...

Good luck finding a home church!! I think that is a great goal for the new year!

Eve said...

Sounds like a good game plan- just trying some on until you find one that fits. It's such a personal thing.

Jennboree said...

Hmmmm...starting our own church. That's a great idea! At least we'd start with three members.

Amanda Sue said...

that is hilarious about starting your own church! but a great idea! anyone can be an ordained minister - i learned that from watching "Friends."

seriously, you guys are in our prayers as you try to find a church. there is one, you just gotta wait for God to lead you here. i mean "there." not "here." uh huh.

Jennboree said...

Nice slip up, AS. *wink*

Yes, Joey was a man of the cloth, I'd forgotten. Heath's mother offered to become a woman of the cloth for our wedding. SO glad that didn't happen.

Amanda Sue said...

ha! that would have been a GREAT memory. minister jo. lol...