Monday, May 01, 2006

He's No Weenie!

This is Zeus.

Some of you may remember me posting about the emergency surgery he had to have when two of the discs ruptured in his spine. At the time, it was a major gamble because Dachsunds are notorious for this degenerative disease. What made it more difficult was the surgeon expected one disc rupture and not two when she began operating. She gave him slim to none odds that he'd ever walk again.

Well, there he is. Seven months later and the little fighter not only walks but can a rabbit, but run nonetheless! He is hump-backed to compensate and I really don't think he has much feeling in his back feet, but the SOB (well! He is!) has resumed chasing the squirrels and annoying the neighbors on a daily basis. We couldn't be happier!

I plan to forward the pics and huge thank-you to Zeus' vet and surgeon. Had they not moved as quickly as they did, he surely would've died within days as the paralysis took hold.

Funny. We always swore we'd never spend more than $1500 to save an animal. That was the best $2500 we've ever spent!


Amanda Sue said...


twenty. five. hundred. frosties???

well, i am so glad he is better. because, if anything, your household needs to maintain a high animal to human ratio.

Jennboree said...

Initially, when we thought Zeus was a cripple for life, hubby was going to demand half our money back! But the surgeon felt so bad she couldn't help him (or so she thought) that we've decided it was money well spent and I'll send her an update to make her feel better.

I'm nice like that.

Ben said...

I love dachsunds... My best friend when I was growing up had a weiner dog named Sammy.

Coolest dog ever!

Thanks for stopping by the other day!

Odd Mix said...

Hurray for Zeus! Sometimes it is not about the bottom line, is it?

jes said...

that's precious. my husband loves dachshunds. i think he would easily spend twenty five hundred (frosties!) on that! :) i'm glad Zeus is doing well!