Thursday, May 25, 2006

Think Pink!

We went for the 20 week sonogram yesterday and it was so exciting! I got to see my sweet angel moving about, her skeleton in plain view.

Yes, I said HER.

Bella's going to have a little sister! My husband is elated, not at all disappointed she's not a he. I'm so glad because this is our last baby and he's the last in his family line.

Baby girl is about the size of a zucchini and perfectly proportioned. Her profile looks just like her sister who has tiny but prominent features. It is very hard to imagine what this baby will really look like because Bella is a such a mix of my husband and I. We can hardly wait!

We had a couple of names we were tossing around but now that we're certain baby is a girl, we've wiped the slate clean. If you have name suggestions, they are more than welcome!

Now we move on to planning Bella's 2nd birthday. My little big girl is going to be TWO! She's already singing Happy Birthday. I think she'll embrace the idea of celebrating her birthdays the whole month just like her aunt and I have always done :)


Princess21 said...

Congratulations!!!! Another girl!!!! How exciting!!

Here are some of my favorite girl names....and I never do this so feel special....:)

Lillian (Lily)

And celebrating your b-day the entire month is the ONLY way to do it!!! :)

Jennboree said...

Awww...thank you! Ava tops our list at the moment.

Ben said...


Those are my favorites. :)

Odd Mix said...

Gabriella, Elisabeth and Annelise are my favorites... but then they are taken. ;)

I also like Hayley (Haleigh?), Rebekkah, and Faith.

Anyway congratulations and good on your husband - little girls can definitely be just as much fun for a dad as a boy. And the whole "end of the familly name" thing is seriously overblown, IMHO.

s@bd said...

SHUT UP - that picture is ADORABLE.

Melinda said...

Congrats Mamma!!! Two baby!! Who knew that the lady that I met 3 years ago that wouldn't wear socks with her boots would have 2 babies!!! :) I'm so happy for you guys!

Jennboree said...

Ha! I can't believe you remember that. Well, Bella's the same way. Hates socks!

Princess21 said...

Ava tops my list too!

See...I can to share!!! :)

Amanda Sue said...

okay, are you not considering Calorie anymore?

Jennboree said...

No, AS, sorry. Cali (Calorie) was not a fave of hub's.

koyama said...

Did you find out the sex with Bella? We can't decide if we will be missing something by finding out. All our friends have differing opinions..

Jennboree said...

Yes, we found out. And so glad too! There's still so much wonder and beauty when a baby is born, whether you knew the sex or not.

I had a friend with the 3D sonogram and it was fun, but even when her baby girl was born, it was as if she'd never seen the are totally in the moment of having a tiny new life and love.