Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Look Who's Talking Now

When Isabella began talking, we thought she was oh so cute. Now that she's REALLY talking, she makes us laugh and leaves us in awe on a daily basis.

I used to think we were just biased in thinking she speaks extraordinarily well, but she does! (hey, I have Mother Braggin Rights)

I've decided to start a journal for things Bella says and does. As a parent, you assume you'll remember, but you don't.

Her first sentence was: "Wha choo doin?" This was at about 20 months. She practiced the sentence alot when her Aunt Amanda came to visit and she'd follow her all around the house. Fortunately, Amanda delights in being asked the same question fifty million times.

The other day, when procrastinating before nap time, Bella announced: "Mama, I'ma tella story. K? Ona time, dinosaur UP UP UP the sky" while waving her hands up all around and then dramatically down to the ground. I'm guessing the dinosaur nose-dived to his death cuz the story ended there.

That was her Italian accent.

She tends to practice different accents. Perhaps getting a real feel for dialects around the world. Her first long sentence was more Northeastern. We had just arrived at our fave hamburger joint when Bella exclaimed: "Daddy, tha's mah boosta chaya ova theya!" instructing her father to fetch HER booster chair which is apparently reserved for just her behind.

Bella also likes to talk about herself. But who doesn't?

Almost daily, she'll sigh, cross her arms and say: "I'm so HAPPY today!" and ask if I'm happy as well.

Sometimes she'll just announce that she's "soooooo sad today" along with a pout. Then we have to run through everyone she knows and whether they are happy or sad that day.

Last night, after watching the beginning of Last Comic Standing, Bella stood on a platform (ie. teetered dangerously on top of a toy) and flinging her arms out yelled: "Annnnnnnnd nowwwwwwww, ISABEYA RENA!!!!!!"

Isabella Serena, actually, but she insists it is Rena. However, I'm also MommyRena and her dad is DaddyRena. Why correct her? It is too cute!

When she starts school in a couple of weeks, I can't even imagine what new things she'll learn to say. I have a strong feeling it won't all be cute. Or it will at least require us to reprimand her and look away as we laugh.

Now, potty training? We've got a long way to go...


MomSquared said...

Too cute!! I love the MommyRena. I can't wait until my twins start talking like that!

Amanda Sue said...

you forgot:


Jennboree said...

Oh yeah! ha! That one's such a staple, I didn't even think of it.

OddMix said...

It only gets better. When my three year old dropped her fork and said,
"Oh, Snap!" I thought I was gong to choke.

Ben said...

She's gifted! ;)

Jennboree said...

Doesn't every parent think their kid is gifted? :)

Serendipity said...

That is wonderful!

I can still remember my daughter's first words at 10 months "Whose there?" and "Hello, howr u?"

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Awwwwwww...hope she doesn't come home saying things you have to try and undo from her vocab!
p.s. thanks for your prayers..I'll update on Ultrasound results soon!