Thursday, July 06, 2006

Machismo Man

Main Entry: ma·chis·mo
Pronunciation: mä-'chEz-(")mO, m&-, -'kEz-, -'kiz-, -'chiz-
Function: noun
Etymology: Spanish, from macho

1 : a strong sense of masculine pride : an exaggerated masculinity
2 : an exaggerated or exhilarating sense of power or strength

This is what we have had to deal with this week. "We" refers to my husband and I. The Machismo Man? A friend...well, former friend since said friend claims that my husband is now "dead to him". Proceed with the eye rolling please.

We had a great time hanging out with friends the evening before July 4th. Went swimming, cooked on the grill, watched fireworks and everyone drank, except for me and Bella, of course.

The friends we hang out with are guys my husband has known since at least 4th grade. I've always been impressed and amazed that people can be friends for that long. Probably because I moved so much when young that I never got attached to friends for more than a short period of time.

Anyway, Bella and I went to bed and the guys and one of the guys' girlfriend stayed up to drink and hang out some more. If you knew my husband's friends, you'd know that as a night of drinking goes on, so does drunken banter. The guy's girlfriend is not new to this. She has been around for well over a year.

Long story short, she was giving the guys a hard time and when it turned around on her, she got miffed. However, her boyfriend did nothing at the time except laugh and keep slugging beers. They left and my husband even walked them to the car, wishing them a happy 4th.

The next day, the guy sent a vile and threatening email to my husband, copying the other friends. He was spewing such hatred, it shocked everyone. He claimed my husband said things that he never said nor would he ever say it! The friend went so far as to say perhaps he should call me the disgusting name he says my husband called the girlfriend. Wha? The friend was THERE...he knows exactly what happened and what didn't.

Immediately, my husband called their house to apologize to the girlfriend for anything she may have misunderstood or misinterpreted that hurt her feelings. Instead, the friend got on the phone and started shouting obscenities at my husband. So, my husband told him the purpose of his call and hung up on the yelling spaz man.

Today word has gotten around that the friend wants to "rearrange" my husband's face. That he even sat in front of our house waiting for us to come home the next day.

Okay, first of all, he must not realize that I am pregnant, hormonal and do not tolerate high school bullcrap from ANYONE. If he so much as pulls into our driveway, my finger will be dialing the cops.

Why are men like this? Is it societal? Human nature? Testosterone? Ignorance?

My husband is a loving, sweet man and while he can raz someone with the best of them, he is never malicious, especially to a friend's loved one. He is pretty upset that it has gotten so out of hand. I've told him to let it go. Let his idiotic friend simmer in his own anger. We have a beautiful life and don't need the drama of a man who's suddenly got something to prove to his woman. That's their issue.

Sorry to vent, but men can be so completely ridiculous! I just keep picturing a western and this scraggly guy kicking the dust up as he roams the lone street looking for a duel.


MomSquared said...

What I'm wondering is why anyone thought it was okay for them to drive home (when my kids, or your kids, or someone else's kids may have been on the road) after getting drunk.

That's the thing that pisses *me* off.

MomSquared said...

I'm sorry. That was kind of bitchy.

Bad morning.

But I'm sorry your husband's friend turned on him so quickly. Bizarre. I think his g/f should think twice about a relationship with him with a temper like that!

Jennboree said...

Well, we were all supposed to stay the night. The g/f insisted she was okay to drive and wanted to go home to her 13 yr old son. Can't exactly force a couple of 35 yr olds to stay put.

I also think that while the friend went nuts the next day, the g/f has perpetuated it. She's not exactly the timid type. Neither of them are.

In all, it is stupid and a real eye opener for my husband and I. I totally agree about the driving drunk thing. We stayed overnight for that very reason.

OddMix said...

I would imagine that the GF not only perpetuated it, but INSTIGATED it.

And he bought her side of the story hook line and sinker. If he was slamming the beers he may not remember much of what was said.

Near the end of the great movie, Brigadoon, the star's best friend sees the star's fiance come into the bar and begins a panicky retreat. When asked why, he says something to the effect of "I am her worst nightmare. I am the guy who knows all the secrets she will spend the rest of her life trying to find out."

Sound like the GF has decided to stage a preemtive strike on the nightmare. And the guy is weak nerved enough to permit it.

Jennboree said...

That's kind of what I gathered, OddMix. Either way, it was immature and pretty sad.

I do hope the friend and my husband will eventually patch things up. For now, we'll just stay away from it all.

tallulah said...

Testerone + Alcohol = Bad Results

Anonymous said...

I thought WOMEN were strange!! I still think that. Wow - it is amazing how some men allow women to dictate and conrol them. Making them fight with their best friends and even their own family.
I hate stuff like that. Actually confrontation in generall. But it sounds like these people are really immature.
Let us know how it goes!!
-Koyama (instant decaf drooling from sheer boredom at work.)

Serendipity said...

Ugh...I totally hate it when a drunk from the prevous day takes a stance and pretends to suddenly know everything.

How scarry and upsetting that is. I'd call the cops too if I so much as see a shadow of that b*$tard.