Monday, October 30, 2006

One Fine Day

Saturday we had our first family outing that didn't involve a shopping cart! Okay, there was a shopping cart but it wasn't ours, it was the homeless man's. But don't feel bad. After he dug around in the trash and found some leftovers from Sonic, my husband went and gave him
our left over picnic lunch.
Apparently Homeless Man gets plenty of food. He was far from skinny and gave most of the Doritos to his sidekick goose.

We had a great day and it was wonderful for Bella to play till she passed out on the way home.

"Mama, we're havin a goooooooood day!"

"Lookit me!"

Okay, Ava's not looking.

And a nap is looking pretty good about now...

Sweet dreams!


Amanda Sue said...

gorgeous pictures! was bella essited to go on a picnic? i can just hear the enthusiasm now..

thanks for posting today, by the way. i have read everyone's blog umpteen times and not much new is going on out there.

Jennboree said...

I did it for YOU, AmandaSue! :)

Kelly said...

Cute, cute pics! And, I am so jealous, t-shirts in October? If only...
We're about ready for winter coats over here...sigh

Katrina said...

What a great day! (*note to self: buy lime green hat...) Love the photos!

s@bd said...

OMGSH - just reading your blog - HOW?! could I have missed Ava's birth?! are my feeds not working?!

anyway ... my grandmother is 'Pennsylvania Dutch', from Indiana and that's mostly what I concentrate on in the states. Everyone else is primarily from Canada (yeah, we go WAY back) and Europe.

Princess21 said...

Beautiful pics, Jenn! :)