Friday, December 08, 2006

Gimme A Break!

This past week has been busy busy. I don't know why I get so excited about the holidays because all it does is stress me out. I've yet to go Christmas shopping. Isn't that pitiful?

Well, that's not exactly true...I did buy Bella's gifts online and they are sitting in huge boxes in the foyer. That's the extent of the shopping though and I've got quite a long list to check off! Like everyone's really been that nice this year. Pshaw.

Bella and her BFF Mitchell decorated cookies this week. That was interesting. Mitchell overloaded everything with sprinkles and I had a hard time convincing Bella to put icing on the cookie and not just in her mouth. Lucky family members will be receiving some lovely creations in their stockings.

Then we attempted Christmas pictures. With one kid, you can take about 75 pictures and maybe get one or two good ones. With two kids? Fuggitaboutit.

As much fun as this is, can I go watch Little Bear now?

Is is possible to give a sweet choke hold?

Seriously, Mom, I am so over the picture taking.

It looks like I'll be using a great picture Amanda took of the girls several weeks back. I was getting far too worked up over a Christmas picture to send out in cards. Does anyone really care if they are perfectly posed? Nah.

Then there is Ava's obsession. The moment she's awake, she has an ongoing fight with her thumb. Ava has refused any pacifier since birth. Hates them. Throws a fit like you wouldn't believe a 2 month old could be capable of.

Instead, since day one of owning a thumb, she's tried to suck it. She's even trying to suck it in the sonogram picture. I tried to discourage it up until three days ago. Now I'm propping up her arm, spreading her fingers out to help her get the Hook'm Nose and cheering her on when she FINALLY gets it going for two minutes.

She'll suck long enough to fall asleep, then smack on it so loud that she startles herself awake, yelling and turning blood red with anger and frustration. My darling angel has a temper. Yay.

How has your week been?


Kelly said...

Oh man, hang in there sista! Nothing has to be perfect, just remember that! ;)

Love the choke should send THAT one in your Christmas cards. :)

Anonymous said...

My week has been insane!

Izzy was (and still is at 3 1/2 years of age)in love with his thumb since day one. He often throw pennies in the wishing fountain and wishes for a new thumb (it gets very sore.)

MomSquared said...

Aw, they are pretty cute!! My toddlers also do the choke hold. One reason I can never leave them alone. And the girl thinks the baby is her personal toy. She likes to push her around in a cart, and when we say it's enough she says, "baby, sit!!" and points to the cart and gets angry if we don't oblige.

Anonymous said...


I can laugh because it's cute and looks like the kids are having fun anyway watching you take pictures.

I don't do Holidays. I do Hannukkah, and with candles come the fun...and having 8 nights to give's easier I think. I can do-over if I messed a ground-hog day!

Seriously, you have beautiful kids.

I'm Just a Girl said...

The kids don't have to be perfectly posed but I do require soem sort of "normal" smile. The Boy has about ten different kinds of smiles and it's hard to evoke that spirit when posing for a Christmas card photo!

Anonymous said...

I found the pics were tricky with one kid. I never really attempted with two. Just never even thought about it.

Katrina said...

Love the! We also did the home photo studio thing, and, with my sister's help, I finally got a decent picture of the two of them (after about fifty!) I'm considering posting some of the outtakes on my blog, since they're way more amusing than the good one.