Friday, December 29, 2006

Peace On Earth

Peace has finally been restored in my home and I have gradually returned to half sane.

Entertainment News:

Ava laughed yesterday!

I was laughing and then she did which totally surprised her and she looked startled. So I fake laughed to see if she'd laugh again, that's when she just stared at me as if we'd just met.

On The Potty Front:

New pretty princess panties did nothing for Bella's interest in potty training. She put them on, then grabbed around, squinching her nose and asked, disgusted, "Is that my hiney?".

Needless to say, the pretty princess pull-ups made their way back on and the panties joined the Dora panties in the darkness of a drawer. Surely my child will start using the potty by jr. high. Right?


We've been trying to sell my MIL's house for months. Decided to actually put money into it now instead of half-assing it, because apparently people don't like that. What exactly is the difference between ceiling paint and wall? Is that a gimmick? Cuz we've totally bought into it.


Over Christmas, my husband campaigned hard for my brother to take our dog, Sophie. She's lovely, sweet, huge and too much dog for us. I guess since one dog died, we're evaluating our current pet population and trying to downsize. The cats will just eventually explode from over-eating. Ever see the pictures of what a healthy cat and an obese cat look like? Ours need lapbands. Zeus, the crippled weiner, requires a diaper. He just walks around, pooping without knowing, then looks back in surprise at the stinky pile he'd dropped off.

I'd always heard I'd love my animals until I had children. I still love my animals but I'd love them more if someone else would love them at THEIR house.


So much to say but I don't discuss politics. Or religion. Unless it is on someone else's blog.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! Any New Year's plans? Any resolutions that you may actually stick to?


T-girl said...

LMAO... I like the dog commentary! Very cute!

Well at least you don't have my SIL's issue... her 2.5 year old has taken to wearing her pull-ups WITH her panties... it is more convient and she really LIKES the panties better! LMAO And you thought YOU had issues! LOL [;po

Amanda Sue said...

so true about pets before children.

afterwards, they are pitiful second favorites. :(

and, no! we don't want sophie!