Tuesday, March 20, 2007


While Bella may want puppies in her tummy, Ava wants FOOD!

She showed an interest in food early on but I waited until a little over 5 months to start giving her food once daily. She's had rice cereal, pears, sweet peas, avocado and banana. LOVES the banana. While I'm a believer in fresh foods, I will buy the organic Gerber foods early on for the convenience.
How about you? Did/do you fresh squeeze your babies' juices, steam n' puree fresh veggies, mash delectable fruit?


Maggie said...

who has time to make their own baby food??!! I'd love to do itm but I opted for the organic gerber, too.

Chaos Control said...

I mostly opted for the easy jarred variety, but I admit that I did buy a great book to learn how to make some fun foods from scratch! I didn't do it often, but had a great time when I did since I love to cook ... and luckily my son loved most everything I made!

louann said...

my eldest DID NOT like eating up to about when he was 2 years old, so that stage was kinda 'not nice' for all of us. it was soooo hard to feed him, may it be fresh or canned.
with my second, he LOVES food. And we LOVE feeding him. I admit, when we used to eat out, I would have gerber bottles with me but he eventually learned to not like it. So now it's all about mashed veggies, fruit, rice and meat. plus he loves snacking on crackers and bread :)
I am sooo enjoying this stage of his. I hope you enjoy this stage of ava too :)

s (no longer) @ bd said...

just fyi: i've privatized my blog. send me an email (whydothenationsrage@hotmail.com) if you would like to be able to read it.


Jennboree said...

Will do! Love the email name, btw.

tallulah said...

I did a lot of the mashing early on, but with four other kids in the house, I slowed down after awhile.
Have you tried the brand Earth's Best? I tried the two side by side with several varieties and the Gerber tasted like &*@*.
That picture of Ava could be an advertisement for the Gerber baby though. What a dolly!

OddMix said...

With our first, we used mostly regular Gerber type food for a little while. Then we just started feeding him whatever we were eating. We had a little hand powered grinder we'd take to restaurants if we went out.

MeesheMama said...

i wish doing everything organic was cheaper, but for us it makes tons more sense financially for us to make baby food. It really isn't that hard and it tastes the same. You just have to be careful not to boil things to death. But with a small food processor, I can make a manageable amount of puree that can also be frozn if I need to. We also have the advantage of a great fresh produce stand down the street, and because my kids don't eat meat, I don't have to worry about how to do chicken or turkey or anything. I give him lentils and other dried beans cooked and mushed.

T-girl said...

I totally made it. Usually out of what we were having that day (before I added spice) or in big batches depending. Baby J never really wanted it though, she was much more interested in our foods so I usually did soft cooked stuff we were eating for her. There really are only a few things you should buy and not make for them from home so I just did that... and froze them in ice cubes then in plastic bags.