Thursday, April 26, 2007

Part Time Zombie?

There is an ongoing debate over TV and kids. Especially toddlers.

I, quite frankly, am a fan of certain programs such as Little Bear, Little Einsteins, Backyardigans and the newest one, The Upside Down Show. Bella has learned so much from each. Her absolute fave is Little Bear. She's even got her own imaginary Emily who comes over to play occasionally. Fortunately she hasn't figured out how to blame misbehaviour on Emily. Yet.

There are some programs that just weird me out completely. The Doodlebops? Next to Teletubbies, this is the freakiest show out there. What purpose does it serve? Why do they only have four fingers on each hand? If there was a question about gayness on Teletubbies, there's definitely gayness on Doodlebops. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Have you seen Lazytown? C. R. E. E. P. Y. Oddly fascinating to watch Sportacus flip, twirl and not poke anyone's eye out with his razor mustache. If Lazytown represents Iceland, where it was originally produced, I think I'll wait a little longer to visit. Don't need a bunch of big-headed puppets chasing my candy.

Thank goodness for DVR, a cheaper version of TIVO. We can save all our grown-up shows to watch when Bella is asleep or putting every one of her 1500 babies down for a nap which can take a good hour or two.

Our guilty pleasure? Sopranos. It can shock us, bore us or leave us uncomfortable, but we still watch. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Mostly makes us laugh, generally leaves us uncomfortable.

Thursday is our favorite TV night. We actually get excited about Thursdays. 30 Rock is my fave new show. It is friggin FUNNY. It is SNL-type humor, but we are in bed by 9pm on Saturdays so we never get to see SNL and only snippets of that show are ever funny so why waste precious space on DVR?

The Office and Grey's Anatomy are also must-sees or must-records.

If you still watch Desperate Housewives but are too ashamed to fess up, it's okay. I won't fess up either.

What is your guilty TV pleasure? How about your kid(s)?

If neither you nor your family watches TV, yay for you! I guess.

As for movies? I haven't been to one in over a year and a 1/2. Maybe one day my husband will feel comfortable enough to find an actual babysitter. I imagine it will be only after we get a nanny cam for every room, nook and cranny of the house.


Amanda Sue said...

we still watch My Name is Earl. and Law and Order: SVU.

dillon and i watch American Idol and America's Funniest Videos together, cause there is no plot and it is okay to play "farm animals" during the boring parts.

louann said...

My 5 year old likes Lazy Town haha. And he still loves Little Einstein. Other than that, he prefers cartoon movies which he catches on the Disney Channel.

I love Desperate Housewives, I find it as my chance to escape reality plus it makes me feel better about my life haha :)

Grey's Anatomy must be my next fave on my list.

Anonymous said...

Our must DVR records are: Grey's Anatomy (this is mine as my husbands HTAES IT), The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock (it is freak'n funny), Veronica Mars (it's the Nancy Drew in me) amongst others.. currently Planet Earth is taping as well!

I record all the new Little Einsteins for Ava. She has watched this show since she was 3 months old. Her daddy watches it with her every morning before he leaves for work. I also record Sesame Street 3 times a week. She also enjoys Handy Manny (I'm 1/2 Colombian so I like that he speaks Spanish for her). We don't watch much else. Lazytown I've seen in passing and it scared me & your right, Doodblebops make no sense.

We really try to keep a balance here with the television and be more involved with other things that teach, and spending time outside.

Jennboree said...

Don't get me wrong everyone! Bella doesn't sit around a TV all day but like having pink milk in the a.m., she also needs her "shows".

We are currently decorating our driveway with colored chalk. Daddy should be really excited when he returns from his trip today :)

I'm Just a Girl said...

The weirdest and freakiest kids show EVER is "Boobah." I have no clue what they are. They look like a cross between a Teletubby and Grimace from McDonalds. Toss in a hit or two of an illegal narcotic and you've got Boobah. The Boy was entranced by it when I first came across it and I nipped it in the bud immediately! I thought Teletubbies was useless TV but this one was the champion!

Anonymous said...

I hope my comment wasn't taken wrong. I was just trying to say that I try not to let her watch too much TV, because it would be so easy to just turn it on and let her veg out... not that I thought you or anyone else did.

Sorry if I offended!

tallulah said...

I try to pick programs for Izzy that are not over-stimulating. Little Bear I love (and Izzy), because it is slow paced. Any cartoon that is slow-paced is good.

My guilty pleasure is "The Bounty Hunter".

Jennboree said...

Oh yeah, we watch Dog too! But the pinky love with his wife is about nauseating.. :)