Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1/2 Birthday + 1

Ava is 7 months old today!

Yes, that is a bow velcroed around a wisp of hair.

As you can see, Willie is a glutton for punishment.

He lays just within reach then cries out loudly as if greatly
surprised when she grabs chunks of skin and fur.

It's okay, baby, kitties don't taste that yummy anyway.

Happy Seventh Month, Honeygirl!


Maggie said...

happy 7 month birthday! She looks very happy and healthy. :)

T-girl said...

HAPPY 7 months little bee!!!!! I can't believe how big she is getting! Btw... we have a cat who looks like that (his name is George though) and he does the same thing. That cat is a glutton, I tell you though he takes a LOT of abuse and NEVER gives it back!

Off topic: Ok, the most bazaar thing, I am getting things in my gmail saying a hotmail addy is not getting my email or doesn't exist right? So I am like "huh? I have never seen that addy before!" then I look a bit and it is the comments I make here... which show?! I don't want to say the addy for obvious reasons but it is a full name! Just letting you know in case it is an old addy or something that it is bouncing it "out there!" LOL

Jemmers said...

Your girls are just the cuteset things I have ever seen! Just Beautiful!!!!!!

They grow up soooo fast!!!

louann said...

She look so adorable with that little bow on her hair! Cutie!
Happy 7th month :)

Eve said...

Oh, the arm rolls! They are yummier than cats any day!