Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hello, Lovey

I could never get Bella attached to anything besides her pacifier. Ava doesn't take a pacifier and appears to no longer have interest in her thumb (thank heavens).

Today she found a "lovey" for herself. A dish towel.

She was laying next to me playing with it, rubbing her face, covering and uncovering her face with it, "talking" to it and hugging it close to her. I admit, I got a little jealous.

So when it came naptime (we are in the throes of learning to nap without nursing), I lay her in the pack-n-play with her dish towel.

I have not heard a peep. I just got done sneaking in to make sure she's still breathing* and there she is, curled up with her dish towel.

If anyone needs a plastic key impression, just see Ava's forehead.

Looks like my mom is gonna have to point me in the direction of more dish towels for backup.

*For all who may be concerned, though she's been sleeping on her tummy for a couple of months, I won't let her have her dish towel buddy for night sleeping till she's older.


louann said...

OMG! She is way too cute! So cute. Now, what a splendid shift for you - from pacifier to dish towel!
I would love to be in your place. For me, it's from thumb sucking to pacifier.

Jemmers said...

That is sooo cute!!!

I had a pillow case that I loved. Until my mom claimed that the dryer ate it. I was crushed!!!

I'm Just a Girl said...

Jenn that is totally cute! And for the record, The Boy slept on his tummy at ONE MONTH! I couldn't help it, that was the only position he would sleep in. I had the side sleeper positioner thingy and everything. He was already turning his head back and forth and one night he was up sooooo long and fussy, etc. Finally Spouse goes, "I need to sleep" and put The Boy on his tummy. He was asleep in about two minutes.

Anyhoo, The Boy gave up his pacifier at about three months when he found his thumb. He didn't use a dish towel but the burp cloths, and had particular ones he liked. They seemed the same to me, but he knew the difference. Over the past 1-2 years we've been weaning him off, as far as where he could take them. First we ruled out using them outside the house except sleepovers and long car rides. Then we banned them from leaving the house. Next it was they had to stay in his room so they wouldn't get lost. Now he has all but lost interest and uses them only to fall asleep but that's it. He always sucked his thumb with the blankies too, so accordingly his thumb sucking has almost disappeared as well. Not to hog all your comment space, but just a word of advice/experience in the event that you find Ava wanting to bring a dish towel to school someday. LOL

Kelly said...

That is so cute! A dish towel of all things!! Hehe

Jennboree said...

I'm Just, with all the issues we've had with Bella and her pacifier, I'll take a dish towel any day!

A friend of mine's little boy, Jackson, is attached to a now very ratty Sylvester The Cat. He's 4 1/2. She struggles to wean him from it as well.

I love your comments, don't apologize for "taking up space." K? K!

Shoshana said...

She's so adorable!

I wonder if she's attached to that particular towel or to the dish towels in general.

T-girl said...

AHHHHH, I WISH I could get Baby J attached to something, for her it is ME! It is kind of nice for my ego but a pain for everything else! LOL

Oh and girl seriously, Baby J came OUT rolling over and never stopped. Every night and nap we try to put her down for a nap and every single time she rolled over to her side or front and would lay in the EXACT same possition I do to sleep! It was seriously too funny! We have pictures that the hubby took of both of us asleep with the same arm possiition everything and she is weeks old. My mom sleeps in the same possition also, very odd! LOL

As far as the towel, my SIL has a little one that is attached to her blanket, she bought a spare "just in case" and that kid will NOT take that spare, she has FITS if it is NOT the real one. If she washes it, the kid get's mad, it doesn't SMELL right! It is the nastiest grossest blanket you have every seen! LOL Eitherway, it is REALLY cute Ava and her towel! How can you NOT smile at her!?!

Jennboree said...

Oh my children are strange but totally adorable :)

A friend of mine gave her colicky infant her college feather pillow. Taylor kept that thing till it was a tattered, grey slither of pillowcase.

That's very interesting, T-girl! All of ya'll taking a nap together would make for a fun photo :)

Amanda Sue said...

how stinkin' cute is that?

i love her ankle fat!

theAdelmans said...

awwwwww. that key impression makes for an interesting bindi. my lucy sucks her thumb and that usually sooths her to sleep. miss marigny on the other hand wants to cuddle to sleep. most days i am fine with that, other days i wonder if i am setting myself up for total dependence later on. but i recently read a quote from an old appalachian woman:"if we want to hold on to them later in life, we have to stop pushing them away when they are so little.". how true! and every day i tell myself, this is the last day they will be this little. commence cuddling!! as far as the whole stomach thing, we thought as long as they could roll over on their own, sleeping on their tummies was fine. but whenever other people are around for naptime and see the girls on their tummies they are shocked?!? i had no idea this was such a big deal when they were this old and independently rolling?!!!!? just to be clear, i get the whole "back to sleep"/SIDS campaign, but when can we stop worrying?

Jennboree said...

Ooh, good post topic. Parent Fears.